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    Ruben Villager
    Feb 2013
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    What could stop an Asura from having a NoH and picking Illipia?

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    Elder Citizen
    Mar 2014
    I wasn't saying anything bad about attack speed. It was mentioned so I took the opportunity to question about an anomaly I saw in game with 3 encounters of crow who had ridiculous attack speed, to the point launching them was a bad decision.
    Lmao. I think you should be in my shoes as a BH or LK. I got this rose that kept using western fire out of fire wall. Regardless front or back. Even got caught because the class just popped out of it(Firewall). And she gets a free catch since she bounces out to my back. Yay. D: Balanced. Now i did just stoic and waste extra mp with a 24 sec cooldown nerf
    after wasting mp for firewall. It is so fair ikr. Thanks rose. Now don't tell me that i should manabreak, because am pretty sure, she did use that binding skill to recatch me(its not so hard, experienced rose can do it like abc, or even on stoic, then stall my stoic to make it useless while they bath me with shots. Thanks mate-best pvp ever. "Breaks pencil"

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    Elder Citizen
    Jun 2015
    Is Asura OP for healing insanly and collecting MP insanly: YES.
    Does this makes her the most broken chara in pvp: NO, but it does puts her in top 5 most broken charas.
    How to counter AS insanly heals n mps:
    1. (Hate it or not) +10/11/12/13 + good sockets and deal more dmg then her heals
    2. switch to long ranges, such as TT, GA, NW, DC, AT or EE and dont let her touch u.
    3. Play as u are and try to read her movements to avoid her atks (this is mostly just luck so dont depend on it).

    Gl i guess

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    Ruben Villager
    Feb 2016
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    You're almost necroing there.

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    Bethma Guard
    Oct 2015
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    Let this thread die, please. Her HP gain issue in PvP is over now.