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    Altera Savior
    Jun 2011
    does water 4 stack with infinity chaser in making bosses attack really slow? because if it does, i'm probably gonna drop dark(which was what i had before dark got nerfed).
    I would.

    I mean, in Henir and adds dung you could use water IV being that you cant really debuff heroic mobs/bosses as well...unless you have the solace title.

    could do water II +light II since light procs like crazy for some reason. prevent mobs/bosses from moving at all, and when they do, it wont be very fast.

    OT: yeah, IS has kog's favor atm. like others said above, LK and RS just feel "clunky". That is the best way to put it imo.

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    Ruben Villager
    Jun 2015
    Inside a Train Simulator.... >_>
    Probably biased but I say IS. I am currently using him as my main and he does alot of damage since he is basically an Elsword version of CBS. Just chug mp pots, spam, and you good to go. (Although I use mounts in EVERY DUNGEON THO) lolololol