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    GM Grab Your Bunny-Loving Friends and Journey to the Great Beyond!

    New accessories, new Ice Burners for Ain, new Space Mount...

    Well, not THAT Space Mount, but I think you'll like what we have coming .

    Check out all this in this week's GM Blog!

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    I spy a... BUNNY SPACE MOUNT!

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    no update on MW for more outfits to be added in the system or more sets :I

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raynor View Post
    no update on MW for more outfits to be added in the system or more sets :I
    I can't remember if they talked about the first expansion in a GM update or not, so I'm giving the slightest benefit of the doubt right now until tomorrow. Would be a waste getting hopes up, though - at this rate, I'm not sure if a petition/feedback thread or talking in the megathread will do anything to get updates to come out faster. If we get nothing tomorrow, more than a month later, than the game devs sure as hell don't care about it.

    (or if there's coding trouble, at least let us know lol)
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