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    Oath of Ruin

    Basic premise: The Elsword Light novel describes the world as being in multiple timelines; it explains why characters seem to be in places that they haven't been to yet, and why each of our characters has their own form of the storyline, until they meet up with the rest of the el gang. Understanding this, there has to be timelines where elsword and the gang actually do die to scar/the demon god, or they fall behind, and reach them too late to be o

    I am Sult. Demon god. Child of Henir, Master of the 4th realm, destroyer of worlds.
    I have torn eliros asunder a countless number of times.
    I have sewn darkness across its lands, and bent it's people to my will.
    But it is never enough. When I break one world, I can only seek another. Such is my hunger.
    And every every world I enter...I meet you.

    You journey from far away…
    across continents, across dimensions...
    Sometimes alone...
    Others, Together.
    You always come. Seeking closure, solutions, strength...power.
    to save a world that you owe nothing.
    To regain something you once lost.
    To fix what should have never been broken....
    To protect the ones who stand behind you.

    ...I see so many of you fall. like lambs before the slaughter.
    And yet still you persevere. You always come back. you always fight.
    For every world I ravage, you rise to save another.
    A foolish cycle. Victory and defeat. Ever repeating. Never ending.
    ...I tire of this albatross.
    You sought to save this world, too. To stop my reign once more,came to sow my physicality back into the void.
    But i will not allow it.
    Where there is light, there must be darkness- for every man, a women. And for every hero...a villain. But no longer.
    I will break this cycle. Break the boundaries that separate all bring forth a power never seen before.
    And you are going to help me.

    together, we will achieve the ultimate power.
    my world, complete. Unstoppable.Never ending. It will stand the test of time. even as the universe gives way to entropy, it will still stand.
    And you,will know power without limits. Be bound to no will but your own. You will never know weakness again.
    In this world, you have fallen.
    But I will break the boundaries of life and death- the boundaries that separate us gods from man.
    By my word, you will rise again.
    Come, be reborn in my image..and take up this oath of ruin.

    Aisha, reborn
    I have heard your name.
    The name that makes the elements stand at attention.
    The genius who reduced the unpredictability of time and space down to a series of spells and equations.
    The one who stepped into that void light, and came out shining brighter than when she stepped in.

    Aisha, of have been reborn.

    You know... really are a genius, aren't you?
    Here you are, trapped in my world, surrounded by my legion... and yet still you struggle.
    Even in a situation hopeless to you, in world unbeknownst to you,your mind and spirit spins and churns unending. You seek to solve this world, to break it down to its core, and put together that magical equation that will take you away to a safer place, a place with your companions...a place where you have all the answers.

    Isn't this why you fight, dear landar?
    Then you need search no longer.
    Cease your calculations.
    Here, in this world, MY are the answer.
    Do not question this; it is absolute.

    Before, you feared powerlessness. Even as you devoured book after book, tome after tome, you fear it is not enough. For every thing you learn about the world, an infinite amount of questions whirl in your head, consuming your mind. You fear that, despite your best efforts, in the end you will be lost to time. That your power, however great, will mean nothing. And so you shout into the world, hoping someone will listen. Hoping someone will remember.

    We are magicians. Our words hold power.
    You speak words the world understands, and the spirits of the world answer in kind.
    But today, we will go one step further.
    I have a new power for you. It is the shape of [Fundamentals].
    Go, Weave yourself into the world. Shape it to your desire.

    Everyone will know your name. by your blessing...or by your curse.

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    Sult has some edges to lord, apparently.

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    Sult has some edges to lord, apparently.
    Very edge. much lord.