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    Ruben Villager
    Aug 2016

    Looking for OP stat

    Right now, my BM can do even HC but in order to maximize dmg, here is my stat:
    -Crit 55%
    -Max 81%
    -Awk charge 20%
    -MP gain 30%
    -Dmg to boss 15% ,dmg from boss 9%
    -I wanted to ask if i should replace 15% dmg to boss with 10% more maximize stat?

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    Lanox Oracle
    Dec 2013
    I'd personally move that 15% damage to bosses to Critical.

    I hope that your MP gain stats are from a Magic Necklace and that your Awakening Charge is from a Ring of Fury.

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    Ruben Villager
    Aug 2016
    i don't think my critical don't have to increase anymore, because if it stack with blessed giant elixir and passive, it can be 100% crit
    Also, MP gain is from 9/9 SR and void stage 8

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    Bethma Guard
    Oct 2015
    Seeking Inner Peace
    i don't think my critical don't have to increase anymore, because if it stack with blessed giant elixir and passive
    Henir Challenge:
    Your build looks decent.
    - I would say try to get 70% crit. Not all situations are perfect that you will always have max passive stacks. I can imagine you rushing to check a big skill rather than taking your time to group the bosses in HC just to maintain the passive stacks. Do not be reliant on a giant elixir since you become a larger target even though you increase your hitboxes. However, that means you have an issue grouping bosses if you are relying on increased hitboxes.
    - Maximize is fine
    - Awakening Charge is fine since it is harder than usual to maintain 3 bead awakening due to all those pauses in Henic Challenge.
    - Use Magic Necklace. I have abused MP gain attack with my BM and it is insane. I know it sounds like a bad choice, yet I tested with my stage 8 Void Weapon and reached 15k MP gain on attack. It is INSANE. However, I can only do this because I have OoR. My point though is that you could probably push your MP gain up to 40% if you can. If you do an actives build, zzz+active can help you with a ton of MP issues.
    - If you can increase your boss damage and decrease incoming boss damage, that would be great. Keep the boss damage stat since that is very significant in Henir Challenge. 15% boss damage increase is not something increasing your Maximize after 80% can do because of normalization (stat investment decay). For other PvE modes, know when you need the boss damage increase and when you do not.

    I'm a scrub at Henir Challenge, yet I thought that getting below 12 minutes solo without party buff is okay.