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    Sakra Devanam, Elements, and ERP

    Hi guys

    this is something that's kinda been on my mind for a while and I really haven't been able to make up my mind with it so I was hoping for some more in depth opinions before I completely make up my mind.

    I just got the +9 and used it on my 4d spear, feels good man, but it's currently element-less. Before I was using* wind2/water2 because it was nice for both pve+pvp, and I'm too poor to get another weapon for each lolz, but now I have the new weapon and it'll be the first time I've socketed since we got the element updates. Literally none of the elements seem that good anymore so I'm sort of at an impasse. Here's what I'm thinking so far (mind you, needs to be useful in both pve+pvp, though lately I care about pve more because pvp is dumb).

    Water: water was nerfed, and SD has defense reducing options in both armor break AND suppression. This seems like overkill, but I'm actually not even sure if all 3 debuffs overlap. A loooooong time ago, I recall someone in this forum talking about how water doesn't overlap with either armor break or helpless so socketing it on SD was a waste. I don't really feel like/want to test this because it doesn't work in training and if min-max damage values are factored in it's way above my math-dumb brain. Can anyone offer insight specifically on defense stacking debuffs with sources to back it up? Water is also super commonly socketed, so in party play it could become extra redundant.

    Dark: dark was also nerfed, but so was SDs mana gain passive. I find myself using normals enough between skills due to the speed of her zz(z) loop, and quick thrust procs elements&effects reliably enough. With rock smash canceled into quick thrust, there's a good potential for a lot of gained mana?? Still seems super underwhelming.

    Light: I actually was thinking about this, light has become kinda op in pve due to it's ability to lock bosses down, and like I said I've found SD not to be the worst at proccing and I use enough normals, so I was considering it but... In pvp, SD has the beauty of being able to throw enemies into a non-manabreakable combo that deals a huge amount of damage (suppression->dragon art->kite) but light proccing on >>x (and i can guarantee you it will) will force kd the enemy before probably even Blast does it's damage, being a huge resource waste and leaving SD at less than max orbs. Because of this I decided it would be a bad idea to go for light on SD.

    Nature: no, bad. now that it was nerfed in pvp it won't be nearly as pressuring for SD and it serves no use in pve.

    Fire: I was curious about this, with Fire IV. I know fire resist lowers the MP BURN associated with its stacks, but does it also lower the damage/tick?? Because, with Fire IV, it becomes 960% ticks of average weapon damage, with a +9 henir weapon that becomes about 100k ticks of damage, which while not PHENOMENAL would substantially up SD's DPS, which is already lacking. The MP burn in pvp is just mean, too. Can anyone tell me whether or not fire resist lowers the damage done by fire as well? If so, pass on this element as fire resist in pve would severely hamper its efficacy.

    Wind: An alright element, decent in pvp and slightly less decent in pve, it benefits from being rarely resisted. With SD KD reducing passive along with wind activation, SD gets a potentially extremely long normal combo (zz) outside of ^x.

    Now for ERP, I'm also torn. With the MP passive nerf, I've noticed SD is considerably less mp-happy when bossing. Clearing is still fine assuming youre in Eun mode, but at the boss, even when maintaining max orbs, her power isn't as...abundant (lel). Rock Smash into energy absorption doesn't yield nearly as much mp, so I actually gave up energy absorption for quick thrust to potentially proc set effects/elements and return more mana and awakening charge. I have like 30 something points invested into ERP mp reduce, but found its effects to be middling. I'm not sure if it would be extremely noticeable with full mp reduce points. In another thread stormbreak mentioned skill CD reduce, which makes sense since dragon art isn't able to be rotated constantly (unless you wait for the auto release of moonlight slash), Shadowweave has a sorta long cd, and Heavy Kite is stupidly long. But... if I go full CD reduce, that isn't alleviating any of the mp problems except for maybe being able to chain another dragon art once before needing to pot (and that isn't ideal).

    Then I thought about max hp/mp, offering a higher hp which is always helpful alongside a larger mp pool. It wouldn't really directly alleviate SD mp problems but it would allow for more uses and awakening would return even more mp when at full orbs, which has strategic use in pvp and even in pve. It also takes less ERP to max out, which allows you to invest in other ERP skills faster/sooner and potentially reap more benefit. My final contender was gonna be "strength skill damage" to boost the damage of Moonlight Slash & Blast, the 200mp trans skill, and Lotus (though this one isn't such a big deal). Excluding lotus, this all has pvp benefit too, and ofc Blast is her main damage source in PvE. Unfortunately, it doesn't benefit Shadowweave nor any of her orb using skills, which are still vital to her playstyle, so I think it could be less than ideal.

    I wrote a lot so thanks for reading if you do, I wanted to expand on my logic just because it's expensive to resocket/re-ERP and I'm poor AF so I don't want to make a half assed decision :^) tysm

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    Ami26 is a Sakra Devanam oh my god

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    Ami26 is a Sakra Devanam oh my god
    Nobody cares oh my god

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    Hello Jeongwon, it's nice to see Sakra Devanam player here!
    1) Maybe water II + Dark II
    Water element and SD's defense reduce skills are stackable according to my tests:
    I equipped sparring gears and stabbed same field mobs to calculate whether water stacks with SD's defense reduce skills, and I found that they do stack because water 1 + spearmanship give more damage than just water 1. however I don't think the defense reduction is straight forward additive. Also note that this data is collected before the element revamp, so water will have a slight less effect now.
    reduced by reduce by damage
    nothing 0% 1984
    suppression 35% 2165
    spearmanship 50% 2253
    water 1 20% 2096
    water 2 30% 2152
    water 3 45% 2237
    water 1 spearmanship ?? 2317
    water 2 spearmanship ?? 2349
    water 3 spearmanship ?? 2397
    water 1 suppresion ?? 2245
    water 2 suppression ?? 2285
    In PVE, I think SD benefit more from water than other element like fire and wind because most of SD's damage come from her special actives like Kite, Dragon secret, suppression, Tiger 4, Tiger circle, lotus, spirit dragon and falling dragon, so I would recommend water as her main element. I currently use water II + wind II, but don't blame me if you see me change to fire IV in game (I like to dress up my Ara as a fairy girl who uses fire).
    In PVE, player has lots defense so water is a valid option.
    Since you want to be able to use same element in both PVE and PVP I will recommend you to go water, because fire give too less (and too slow) damage in PVE, wind is only useful if you spam more non-special active and dark give too little MP (even less when mob have elemental resist), but if MP is a problem, maybe add some dark to make water II dark II will be a wise choice?

    2) I recommend bravery for ERP
    For ERP, I recommend bravery (bravery build) because kite is useful in mobs clearing and Sakra's valor and devotion passive make sakra center around those bravery skills. If you are willing to spend money in pots and skill stacking glove, both strength build and bravery build will be powerful and useful (I think strength build is a bit more useful, but I'm using bravery build and don't want to take so much effort to change to strength)
    For other ERP, I don't think it is a wise choice to invest in CD reduction if you are not willing to spam pots and have MP problem

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    @Anstory ^ (Your post is long so I don't want to page stretch more than both of us have already, so I'll reply to you this way

    Thanks for such a detailed reply! We need more detailed discussion about SD in this forum!! Too much Asura lol

    And also thank you for your testing, I'm glad to hear Water+Spearmanship stack. One extra question about that... does Spearmanship stack with Suppression? That won't affect my element socketing but it would affect how I rotate skills at bossing...

    I still wonder though, if it is worth it to get Water then... If you add Water 2 to Suppression, you only see about a 5.5% increase in damage, which sucks since Water 2 is (was) an extra 30% reduction in damage. For adding Water 3 to Spearmanship, you get a 6.4% increase in damage dealt (4.3% increase with Water 2). I know the enemy you were hitting has its own defense value so they aren't going to stack so cleanly but... lemme just write so I can make sense of it too.

    For just spearmanship, with the 50% decrease in defense, you see the enemy takes 13.6% more damage.
    With spearmanship (50%) and water 3 (45%), the enemy takes 20.8% more damage, a ~53% increase in damage received from just spearmanship
    For just suppression (35%), the enemy takes 9.1% more
    For suppression (35%) and water 2 (30%), the enemy takes 15.2% more damage, which is like 67% more damage than by itself.

    I'm bad at math so, I'd like your input, but it seems like the increase in damage from the stacked buffs SEEMS great (53% more, 67% more...), but since the number itself in received damage is so small (since it isn't like, enemy receives 35% more damage), I don't know if that is actually a substantial amount? What do you think?

    If you do get Fire IV, please tell me how it is!!! I still am curious about fire resist affecting the dps %... And you must be excited about ET3 for Ara, she comes Fire Fairy Ignia

    For ERP, thanks for letting me know! I'm still curious about Bravery though since when I use them, outside of Shadowweave and Kite, it doesn't seems like they really do that much damage. Suppression is so low already, and FD is *kinda* strong but the cd becomes pretty high... I still don't like spiritual dragon either hahah. For skill damage, it might suit me for Str% then because of my playstyle. I'm glad you see the concern with CD reduction as well, so now I'm just stuck between MP reduce and Max HP/MP!!

    Ami26 is a Sakra Devanam oh my god
    who? anyway thanks for bumping my thread

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    Glad my post helps!
    For the Spearmanship with Suppression stack, I didn't really tested it myself. The test is time consuming and tedious, don't really want to test it again any time soon. If any one wants to test it, I believe sparring gears makes you no need to worry about maximize stat effect (it makes your damage constant towards normal field mobs)

    For the effectiveness of defense reduction:
    Spearmanship defense reduction is 30% now (nerfed T_T) and water 3 is also 30% (but maybe their calculation method is different), so we need new test data again. I still think water is better than other element because of the reason that Sakra use more special active. However, it would be good to know what is the most effective defense reduction play style too. Too lazy to test again XD.

    Also, spirit dragon can deal upto 9653% (7 hit), which is really high if you hit it correctly. And pushing mob can be useful. (just sharing how I use this skill =D)

    I had fire element spear before, the fire effect sometimes kills mobs as last hit, but I still feel like reducing defense with water works better. Just untested opinion though.

    And yes! looking forward to ET3, especially the back bottom accessory!