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    Feita Knight
    Mar 2016
    In Hell

    Dimension of Sinister Intent Discussion

    How's the dungeon? Which stage are you on? I'm on stage 14. Failed one of the stages...it was AP.

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    Captain Ara
    Oct 2012
    Crash Fever Hell
    I'm on 15.
    The game is such a tease giving us enough tickets to only clear up to 14 ;;

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    Feita Knight
    Dec 2015
    Up in the North
    Nothing a rusty player can't handle so far.

    I'm probably mostly in for the support unit.

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    Hamel Guardian
    Feb 2012
    From what I've learned. NEVER play range. That instantly triggers their super armor while meleeing them does not.

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    Bethma Guard
    Dec 2015
    A Shelter
    My MM and ArT are standby on Stage 15. My Breadlord DCed so I'm still at 14.


    This is what I did but I guess this is pretty obvious already.

    1. Go to Field
    2. Use Elixir of Choice
    3. Run Dungeon
    4. Finish Dungeon
    5. Exit to Field
    6. Use CRP
    7. Start over to step 3

    [Master Mind]

    Install - Drone Activator then Starfall. My Oath of Ruin will proc so it'll be a bit easy. I have to be careful since my Add is pretty squishy. Could say a Glass Cannon.

    [Arme Thaumaturgy]

    Since he's my most geared char, I just freeze the enemy then use Gott Waffe. Using Awakening all the time before I exit the dungeon into the field.


    The total opposite of my MM. He's tough due to Oriax but he has low power output compare to my MM and ArT. Took me 1 minute to kill the lv. 99 ones. But when his SS hit, I can instantly kill the mob.


    It's fun. It's been awhile since I did something productive in game for once. I skipped Add dungeon due to my chars already having either Perkisas Weapon (Add) or Henir (ArT and DL) so might as well try to farm here. Can't wait for the later challenges abound.

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    Elder Citizen
    Dec 2015
    Elder village,ruben 1
    Finally some new content i was waiting for and i will hopefully grind .Only if the acce werent char specific i will have to grind it diffrently for chungs and rena's.And gotta give WP to just let us complete 14 runs, like really that teaser XD

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    Altera Savior
    Sep 2014
    i just summon cems summon and let them do all the work
    i found it easy except for t hat one rose npc that kept spamming x

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    Elder Citizen
    Apr 2014
    Within 3 feet of you
    Just play a character like IP or DL.

    If you don't kill them fast enough they get super armor, random mana breaks, and skills

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    Bethma Guard
    Feb 2016
    Fairly fun(well, compared to the normal grind I mean); fairly easy, at least so far; accessories look cool imo, and not that bad statswise. "11/10" -IGN.

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    Ruben Villager
    Nov 2012
    1. Go to Field
    2. Use Elixir of Choice
    3. Run Dungeon
    4. Finish Dungeon
    5. Exit to Field
    6. Use CRP
    7. Start over to step 3
    I've been doing this. Does anyone else get the problem when you enter the field from dungeon and you can't do anything? Can't exit, can't go in dungeon, monsters are gone, etc.