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    Elder Citizen
    Apr 2014
    Above Earth (for now)
    I accidentally go back to stage 1, because impatience to read.

    Dungeon is ok until stage 14. Will see what will happen next.

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    Ruben Villager
    Oct 2012
    Frejya and Grand Archer was pretty easy till I met AP even with their Stupid Armor only died like 1-2 times.

    BM and RF really hates OpT and her spamming needs

    Fun Fact: As Bm you can armor break and just xzz <<> and it loops or till they MB how ever dont have glitter against Lu can her short ness will make the third swing miss.

    They play like Epic NPC's so really not tough but they S Actives have no freeze frame so look out for that.

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    Elder Citizen
    Jun 2016
    iits actually fun, they all died at 10-15 secs stage 1-14 XD

    I know some would do it faster but welp, looking forward to the next stage.

    was disappointed with my OOR tho, it never proc from stage 1-14 :/

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    Velder Noble
    Mar 2014
    Didn't expect the Stage 8 Ain to one shot me...

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    Elder Citizen
    Dec 2013
    Bathing in salt on For Honor
    Pathetically easy on IS. Maelstrom rage when you get close enough and you already secured your self a victory in less than 5 seconds

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    Elder Citizen
    Apr 2013
    Old Neon Town
    Does anyone else get the problem when you enter the field from dungeon and you can't do anything? Can't exit, can't go in dungeon, monsters are gone, etc.
    You can use elixirs in town now. But your problem sounds like an issue of the field not loading properly? A quick exit-and-reenter should fix it, I imagine.

    OT: The dungeon is a lot more interesting than I expected. I was expecting it to be a continuous streak like Henir/DFO's Tower of the Dead, but it's nice that you can stop and take a break between each stage. The first 14 stages seem really easy though, so I'm hoping that the latter will provide at least a bit more of a challenge.

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    Elder Citizen
    Jun 2015
    Kinda easy with EM
    Nice challenging with GrM.
    But the pet did some of the job. XD

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    Altera Savior
    Jan 2013
    Cali lyfe ayyy
    Breezing through it with RS.
    Proc oath and active everything to death and stoic when necessary.
    Marriage skeelz work if yall rlly want lol

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    Ruben Villager
    Mar 2014
    Tried it out...

    Yikes. It's PvP. I don't do PvP. I really don't like PvP.

    I guess I'm skipping out on this. Maybe I'll try it again on occasion, but otherwise I'll pass.

    Which is a shame, because those accessories could fill in the gaps in my equipment.

    Also I can't cheese my way though this with my Hyper and that truly, truly, outrageously bothers me.

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    Shelling Guardian
    Oct 2012
    Being compared to waterfall :^(
    Like everyone, pretty easy especially on CEM currently.