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    Ruben Villager
    Sep 2012

    Red face What skills to use for infinity sword in pve? PvE Traits?

    Just wondering what would be best skills to use for Infinity sword, along with traits and what to put in the transcendence slots!! PLEASE HELP!!!
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    Ruben Villager
    Jun 2015
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    I would use Infinite Chaser as your go to since it stuns/slows bosses. Does alot of damage, and recovers vitality gauge quite a bit. PLUS IT IS SO GOOD LOOKING
    Phantom Sword as your extender/crit buffer. Use Killing Blow trait.
    Sword Fall is very strong after its revamp so I go with that along with Critical Trait since it goes through def, making you deal even more damage.
    Flame Geyser- Very useful as a vitality recoverer. Also use Critical Trait to make damage (to literally go through the roof~)
    Rage Cutter- Deals abit of damage but with Critical Trait, it does alot more than it is worth.
    Infinite Strike- use if you want. Idk if I placed this correctly.

    IDK/JUST DON'T USE/Optional
    If you don't have a strong +10/11 weapon or wind orbs, DO NOT USE BLADE RAIN
    Blade Circle- DONT USE IT. Damage is very weak for a Trans special active.
    Iron Body- I personally don't use it but for an active, it gives amazing stat buffs such as damage reduction, superarmor, and speed buffs. Use Killing Blow trait.
    Sword Shield- I don't use it in PvE but if you have titles/set effects that procs things, use this. Light Trait.

    PS: I am also a IS user.
    PPS: Place Infinite Chaser in 1 of your 2 Trans slots. Put Infinite Strike in the other (if u are using it)
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    Jul 2013
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    ok, now i should probably give you a real answer because the above traits aren't that great and didn't give you enough skills to fill your slots.

    must have skills:

    Phantom Sword can be run with either trait for PvE, but if you have no extra skill pages and want to do PvP, you want the light trait. Later on, the light trait gets removed and changed to empowered, so until then, stick with light. Even for PvE, i would go with light, because the final enhanced skill comes with a 15 second worth of critical damage increase, which seems to not get increased by killing blow. the lower mp cost of light trait lets you pull out that 15 second buff with a slightly greater consistency and do the 2300% worth of activation damage for often. the only thing you get with killing blow is a 5% more duration to mp cost efficiency.

    it should be pretty obvious what this skill is used for, critical buff, buffs normals, increased hitcount for more procs, good stuff.

    Sword fall you should go with heavy. Vit/Des charge build-up amount is based on the multiplier of the attack. the greater the multiplier, the more Vit/Des you gain from a single hit. This is why sandstorm gained(and still gains) an absurd amount of Vit(literally enough to go from full des to full vit during pre-nerf if you hit about 5 enemies, thats basically 2 bars worth), it has a huge multiplier on the first hit. Heavy trait makes the multiplier stronger, which means faster vit gain. also because that 30% mp cost increase is disgusting when the normal mp cost increase is 20%.

    Sword fall does a hell of a lot of damage, but only when you can land most of the hits. Only use this move for bossing against very long or tall bosses.
    It's also one of you main field clearers, as it has great both horizontal and vertical range. I would put this in my trans slot to overcome the CD increase(but it's really not that bad) because this is one of your most useful skills.

    Infinite Chaser is best skill. spam the hell outta this. it has huge horizontal range, decent vertical to be able to hit monsters 1 platform above and below, and it slows stoic'd monsters down to a snail's pace.

    Battering Strike is your best active skill, and it's really strong for an active skill. the thing almost deals 2000%. It also builds a good amount of Vit, and it has half mp cost and halved cooldown under infinite chaser after you get your last passive. This skill can actually be used to boss if you want to pretend to be a mini BM. Phantom sword unfortunately doesn't give you more hits of this skill.

    Rage Cutter is another field clearer. It has pretty good horizontal, and very good vertical range. Get critical for this. This can kinda be used to boss if the boss has very high defense. this skill has been nerfed a bit, but the damage is acceptable enough.

    Mega Slash is pretty much a must have for any elboy currently. It does an absolutely ridiculous 4000% for 100 mp when charged. Get critical trait with this, and go smack some bosses. also, this thing is stronger than rage cutter.

    Stoic(or iron body for you localized plebs) is pretty much required just for the utility it provides. free, instant super armor because you're gonna need it at some point. You honestly don't need that much super armor and you don't need it very often, so take the trait your would prefer for PvP(i prefer killing blow)

    Filler skills for you last 3 slots:

    Hyper active
    It does big damage.
    It has an absurd cooldown and can only be really used once or twice in a dungeon. nuff said.

    Blade Circle Is actually pretty decent for clearing. It's kinda like iron scraps. don't use it to boss though, i don't know how you're going to get all the hits in.

    Flame Geyser
    Very strong damage. Good Vit charge. too bad it's magical. and also be careful of launching bosses, so use this when they are in stoic or after maelstrom rage. get heavy. Bring this to the inspector fight.

    Maelstorm Rage is used pretty much just for locking down bosses and keeping them in place. It also helps to prevent bosses from getting launched, so a Maelstorm Rage into Flame Geyser combo is very good when the boss isn't in stoic. Use light.

    Fatal Slap Like Battering strike, but not as good. It's still pretty good if you want another active similar in function to battering strike. Phantom sword doesn't give you a 2nd hit(that would be OP).

    Triple geyser
    Like flame geyser but 3 of them, and does twice the damage. also bring this to the inspector fight, and put it on your trans slot.

    Final Strike
    A black hole skill. Don't need to tell you what those are for. unfortunately, this skill doesn't do quaite as well as it should because of the cast time increase. this gives it less time to properly gather up all the mobs before it kills them. it does do decent damage though. get useful trait.

    Sword Shield is used only for procs. get light.

    Infinite Strike
    This thing is capable of doing almost as much as your Hyper Active if you land all hits. Good luck with that against anybody that doesn't have a gigantic horizontal hitbox. even still, it does output a ton of damage, and has enough range for clearing. If you took both this skill and triple geyser, this skill should take your trans slot instead of sword fall, because heavy sword fall's 15 second cooldown really isn't that bad.