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    Elder Citizen
    Nov 2014

    Which results should i be aiming for with sage/twisted sage for Freyja?

    I have no idea.

    MP when attack?

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    Ruben Villager
    Dec 2013
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    Her MP gain is fine if you have Blazing Bullet constantly active.

    Just focus on the "meta" sockets such as Maxi and Crit, be sure to have your speeds up.

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    Elder Citizen
    Sep 2016
    From Sage Stones, you'll be wanting either Critical, Maximize, Add Damage, Red Damage or Attack Speed.
    From Twisted Sage Stones, you'll be wanting Maximize.

    At least +715 on armors and +1430 on weapons, if you're level 99.
    Prioritize giving stats on your favorite costume, to your weapon then your armors.
    Make sure the final result is something similar:

    • at least 20% Speed Stats,
    • at least 50% Maximize,
    • at least 50% Critical,
    • at least 20% Red Damage

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    Bethma Guard
    Feb 2013
    for Freyja, her mp gain is the least you have to worry about.For socketing, the order should go something like this:

    -20% atk speed and jump speed at least. Movement speed just need to be at least 15% since her air dash can cover for any lack of movement speed.

    The rest of the stats all depends on your situation. If you have OoR, don't bother with crit at all. If you don't then you will need at least 35-40% crit. This is mainly because Freyja procs everything all the time. Even if you have low crit, you are going to crit a lot.

    Next, do you have enough sage stones to repeatedly socket? If you do, then go for about 10k max, 6k add, and 5k red. Crit is stated above. Red isn't as useful for Freyja since you will be dodging most of the attacks anyways. Rose in general isn't meant for taking hits.

    If you don't have enough sage stones, then socket until you see either max, red, add, or crit. When you see any of these 4, then stop socketing that slot.

    An alternative is spec A, but it's not as important. You can try for it if you have stats to spare.

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    Lanox Oracle
    Dec 2013
    Two of the above responses focus on PvP. For PvE, switch out any Add and Red Damage that you have (in sockets, re-IDing is a bit on the expensive side so you don't have to bother with them) and put it into Critical and Maximise. Ideally, you want as much of each one as you can (above 50% in both), but it's most optimal to have roughly equal amounts of them in terms of percentages (their normalisation curves are different).

    MP gain stats normalise very heavily after 30%, which a Magic Necklace will give, so you'll benefit a lot more from getting Critical and Maximise. Of course, 20% all speeds come first (if you want to save socket space and don't mind doing so, just 20% attack will do. Having the other two speeds is a lot more important in PvP than it is in PvE).

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    Iron Paladin
    Jul 2012
    As Skyress said, focus on getting Maxi and Crit. Once you have a good amount of both, it's worth picking up some Specialization A as well as it's a flat damage boost when in Overstrike (which you'll want to be in as often as possible.) Ideally you want around 15-20% Specialization A, but I'd say focus on getting around 70% to both Maxi and Crit before you really worry about maximizing your Spec A.

    You don't really need Add Damage or Red Damage in PvE unless you have something like Oath to really free up your socket space for it. Imo, Rose is too frail for Red Damage to really matter in PvE anyways. Freyja also already has a flat 20% damage reduction when in the air after you get Trans.