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    Captain Aisha
    Jan 2012
    Outside of reality
    I'd advise not to come back.
    Dont listen to comments like this. Although i will advise to dump in a few hours before deciding if you want to stick to it again or not.Best to not invest into something your not quite sure you will last on.

    Anyway the games looks like its getting some steady improvements. Although at baby steps... The bright side is since the start of this year the game has shifted from revamping the same stuff over and over to adding somewhat new content, and revamps to stuff that hasnt been touched since game release

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    Ruben Villager
    Apr 2017
    Where ever you're weaknesses are.
    well first the game died a bit.... lost a lot of players but the remaining few are in denial about that fact....
    the spar rooms are dead....... if you used to love hanging out in spar talking .... your screwed
    and yea i quit awhile back.... i dont remember anymore... i do have the urge to come back.. but i just dont want to spend $$$ on a ib set and then remember there's nothing to do in this game besides pvp.....and hit max level and my favorite part... play dress up \@[email protected]/
    Well listen to comments like this^

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    Lanox Oracle
    Dec 2013
    Well listen to comments like this^
    I mean, if you can go "well, look at what's bad about this game, you shouldn't play it based on this" while referencing to a particular set of reasons that don't even address many other things, then you're ignoring the fact that these reasons may not even affect the OP's decision to come back or not. Game died a bit? Queue is slightly more barren but it's playable, and there are always groups and guilds that you can join to have people help you out if the queue is empty and you don't want to solo. Spar rooms are dead? Like BuBerry said, if you really enjoyed this aspect and is most of the reason why you played it, then you might as well not come back. It's enjoyable but you can live without it or you don't do it? Doesn't affect you. Don't want to spend $$$ on an IB set? If you were patient enough and enjoyed the game a lot, you would have put in the effort to navigate the market to eventually get your dream set, and you don't even need an IB set to get through this game. It's completely optional. There's nothing to do in this game besides PvP? PvE exists. If you're okay with that and you can make the switch to become a Hybrid player and PvP, then sure, go ahead, but PvP isn't the only content, and this argument isn't even valid if you enjoy the PvP in this game and are happy with doing it over and over. Hit max level? Not a single player in the world has hit ERP level 999, which is the true cap. Heck, there isn't anyone above level 300 from what I can remember, so no one has actually achieved this yet. Play dressup? Sure, it's an aspect of this game.

    In the end, it all depends on what the OP values. If OP values the above points, then it isn't really worth coming back. However, it should not be assumed that a game isn't worth playing because of a select few points that don't cover all the game aspects, because that's clearly what the poster values but not necessarily what the OP is looking for. Either way, if one enjoys this game, they'll push through everything KOG throws at them to adjust and keep playing because they want to have fun.

    The OP has also heavily implied that they have already made the decision to come back and just need to be filled in on the updates they missed out.

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    Elder Citizen
    Jun 2015
    Thanks for that Skyress, nearly lost my goal in the game again lol. I owe you big time 'w'd