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    Ruben Villager
    Dec 2013

    Grand Archer and Heroic Gear questions

    Hey guys I was finding ways to better gear my GA, and I was wondering what good stats for heroic gear I should be looking for in the Heroic Presence options of the gear. I have a bow that does 14 percent ignore magic defense and increases perfect storm damage. But I wanted to see what others focused on for their heroic gear.,

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    Elder Citizen
    Dec 2015
    Elder village,ruben 1
    For bow its not the effects and skill that is important but the hr lvl.If heroic lvl for that bow is 26+ its worth investigating in.
    Top : HR lvl isn't important but the effect or skill.you can try getting mdef ignore /-mp cost.I use atk/atked but I wouldn't recommend it bcoz GA is alr squishy and it makes her more squishy.Still if you can survie atk/atked is great.

    Bot: You need to get party buff here.See which stat you are lacking and then take party buff bot for that stat( works in pvp too).If you don't lack any stat you can get matk bot.

    Glove : You need skill stacks here.Most Ga players use flexi stacks and spam siege.But brave stacking can also be done try both and see what's more comfortable and suits your playstyle..

    Shoes: Just like top you can get any of those effects or more damage to bosses etc.Shoes don't have special effects.

    Also heroic lvl isn't much important for armours but try getting above 15 unless the effect % is above 8%

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    Ruben Villager
    May 2016
    MP cost reduction weapon, Attack/attacked top, party MATK bottom, Flexibility stacking gloves and MP cost reduction shoes. This is the ideal build for a GA. Magic Defence penetration doesn't really make much of a difference in the grand scheme of things because mobs are tanky due to their high damage reduction and HP, and not because of their high Defence. If you're already squishy to the point where you're still getting OHKO by bosses, the attacked part of attack/attacked isn't going to make a difference, and is essentially free damage.

    Heroic Rank is the most important when it comes to the weapon as it determines your damage. Most people aim for 26 or higher. Just to give you an idea, the ideal GA weapon would be Rank 29, MP cost reduction, and have Siege mode +10% on it.

    When it comes to armour, top and bottom pieces are affected by Rank more than gloves and shoes. I would suggest aiming for at least Rank 22 for top and bottom. The rank for gloves and shoes don't matter too much.

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    Sander Chieftain
    Oct 2012
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    Bow: you want a high rank since that's basically determines your dmg output. good ids to aim for if you want to optimize would be resistance decrease, dmg increase in proportion to hp lost, and boss dmg increase. skill bonuses also aren't bad to aim for here.

    Top: Kamikaze (Attack/Attacked dmg increase). You want dmg.

    Bot: Mag Power increase is ideal, but max isn't bad either. You could also opt for attack speed increase. I'd also recommend trying to get a fairly high rank for the bottom since it also gives the largest boost to mag attack out of all the armor pieces iirc.

    Gloves: Either Flex stacking or Bravery stacking, depending on playstyle. GA can stack and maintain flex very easily, and siege already does really high damage. GA also has quite the number of bravery options, Gungnir is Gungnir, Phoenix is a great clearing tool, Crazy Shot becomes pretty potent, and with how Ace in the Hole can be canceled maintaining the stacks isn't that much of a problem. With flex stacking you're a siege bot, with bravery stacking you're a bit slower but have more variety.

    Shoes: not much to really aim for here. dmg increase in proportion to hp lost, boss monster dmg increase, and mp cost reduction are all good, although I would probably aim for bravery cooldown reduction if you decide to go bravery stacking. In general I'd probably aim more for skill bonuses then those 2nd line ids for this piece.

    good skill dmg increases to look for in general would be for siege, gungnir, and phoenix strike, since those are your main damaging tools.

    one thing I will note is that, unlike everyone else, I didn't really recommend mp cost reduction, and the simple reason for that is that there is a cap of 20% for mp cost reduction that comes from gear, meaning anything past that mark is simply a waste. one mp cost reduction id line would be sufficient in this regard do to already having 5% from 2-piece wisdom.