thread: DiE vs LP

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    Ruben Villager
    Dec 2016

    DiE vs LP

    Can I get some pro's and cons for both of them?
    Which is better in PvP and PvE?

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    Elder Citizen
    Mar 2016
    Lunatic Psyker

    Pros: Good burst damage
    Has long invisibility frames
    Good clearing
    Able to generate DMP very quick
    Good bossing

    Cons: No combo that can generate MP fast
    Skills cost a lot of MP
    No party buff

    Diabolic Esper

    Pros: Has 2 mana bars
    >>^zx has good mp gain
    Can provide buff for the party
    Can clear weak mobs fast
    Spam skills all day

    Cons: Weak bossing
    Has short invisibility frames
    Lack of burst damage

    Those are all based on my experiences. Both of them are kinda opposites. LP has very good damage but is very mana hungry while DiE is not mana hungry since he has 2 mana bars but he needs to spam his skills to compensate for the lack of damage.

    For PvE, LP is definitely better. You just need to spam pots and spam skills then easy MVP. If you don't like spamming pots since you need to save them for other content then atleast get those hard boiled eggs from hot springs then use them since they are basically free. If hard boiled eggs are on cd and u need mana then just do the standard zzz or zz loop or >>zzz or zzxx or you can also do the xx loop but it's kinda slow so i prefer the other loops.

    For PvP, ehmmmmmm. I think they are both equal? Even though a lot of people say that DiE is better in pvp due to his catching skills in pvp, LP also has skills that are very useful in catching like pulse cannon and quicksilver accel which do not cost that a lot of mana and easy to use. LP also has a passive that allows him to teleport to the target when the target has been hit by phase shift and most adds do bring phase shift in pvp so im sure that will greatly benefit him.

    Overall, i think LP would be the better choice since he is all around while also having a fairly easy kit to understand for beginners.

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    Ruben Villager
    Dec 2016
    Thank you so much!