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    Deadly Chaser
    Jan 2014
    Bishounen Land.

    Kitty's ItemMall Giveaways!

    Hello everyone and welcome to my Giveaway Thread.
    Since my first Giveaway Raffle went pretty smoothly, (And it was suuuper fun to host~ ) I've been very eager to do more!

    And so, here we are!
    Once again, I will be giving players a chance to win various Item Mall goodies! Whether it be costumes and accessories for dress-up, custom poses and cut-ins for customisation or usable items such as B-Slots to assist them in their Elsword adventures!

    General Thread Rules and Information:

    • Giveaways will not have a regular schedule, meaning I'll only be hosting them if and when I'm able to
    • Giveaways will vary, from raffles to questionnaires
    • Giveaways with expensive items may have more and/or higher requirements in order for players to enter
    • Speaking of, each Giveaway may have different requirements for participation, so please be sure to read them carefully as only eligible entrants will be added to the list
    • For the time being, most Giveaways will be short [Max duration will be about 2 weeks]. However, deadlines may be extended if there is very few entrants.
    • Players are only allowed to enter once per Giveaway, unless stated otherwise
    • All items will be sent via Gifting. If for some reason this is a problem, please let me know in your entry
    • If you win, please be patient when receiving your prize
    • Bad sportsmanship and discourtesy is a big NO here! Whether you win or lose, please be mindful and respectful of all entrants!

    Note: This section is still under construction and may be changed in the future.
    However, since this is my first time making a major giveaway thread, I welcome any ideas to help improve it. If you have any suggestions or feedback, feel free to PM me~ :>

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    Deadly Chaser
    Jan 2014
    Bishounen Land.

    The Prize:
    4 randomly-picked players will receive an 'IM Skill-Cutin' of their choice!

    If you wish to participate, please read and follow the instructions below!

    How to enter:
    ★ Must have a minimum of 50 post count OR a forum join date before 2017 ★
    ★ Leave your IGN, and specify what character/class you want the cut-in for ★
    ★ Answer this lil' question: 'If you could have a skill cut-in for a IB or costume which set would it be?' ★

    Example Entry:
    IGN: Beeble
    Character/Class: Rena - GA
    Answer: I would love to have a skill-cutin of the El Gang wearing the Idol Set.

    Raffle entries close a week from now, on the 10/7/2017 @ 11:59 pm pst, and the winner will be announced shortly after.

    Best of luck guys!~ ♥

    List of Participants

    . SuccinylCoA
    . nospeakgreek
    . Xoil
    . iMiyakoShiina
    . KinoStrife190
    . CloveChan
    . Chevrotain
    . Rayko
    . XtinaXO
    . AquaTail
    . Ritikian
    . LianeV
    . 6ZulOnFire9
    . Aeryan_
    . MagicWanderer3
    . iLoveRemix
    . elbartoXKirito
    . misherureiesu1
    . CrimsonSolus
    . tonochi
    . xXG123uXx
    . LSP
    . Mery
    . emisendou
    . AniHimeAi
    . niav
    . RainxSlayer
    . Aorium
    . Tiffany1
    . Blanche115732
    . Bunnyz
    . LightDim90
    . AraEun
    . MisoraHime
    . Kuranai
    . Cherry203
    . Ataraxi
    . Knightrunner
    . ngtrungkhanh
    . DeeDee212

    *If your name is not on this list with the first 24hrs of posting, it may be that you haven't met the requirements. Please make sure you read the thread carefully!

    Previous Giveaways and Winners:

    • [04-04-2017] April Fools Package Giveaway Raffle - Winner: starrien

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    Deadly Chaser
    Jan 2014
    Bishounen Land.
    Our 4 Skill-Cutin winners have been picked:

    Congratulations guys, your prizes will be sent out shortly~

    And a big thank you to everyone who joined. Once again you made this a lot of fun to host!
    I'll be holding another Giveaway very soon so be sure to keep an eye out!

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    Elder Citizen
    Sep 2016
    IGN: Serenasaur
    Character/Class: Chung - Tactical Trooper
    Answer: It would be cool if they made a skill cut-in for Perkisas sets, to demonstrate how theel-gang harnessed his power!

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    Cobo Service
    Apr 2011
    ~Portal of Otome~
    IGN: RLM2
    Character/Class: Ara - SD
    Answer: I wish like to see and would be nice to see a skill cut-in for the Salvatore Solace Sets.

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    Ruben Villager
    Nov 2012
    United States
    IGN: XoilStrife
    Character/Class: Raven - BM
    Answer: I'd like to see cut-in sets for the Henir Lord IBs~ :3

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    Elder Citizen
    Mar 2013
    IGN: Miutype
    Character/Class: Elesis - CrA
    Answer: I would like to see a cut-in for the HNO/HAO set so it would match my outfits.

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    Ruben Villager
    Nov 2012
    IGN: KinoStrife
    Character/Class: Raven - BM
    Answer: I'd like to see.. a cut-in set for the millennium Fox se

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    Captain Ara
    Oct 2012
    Crash Fever Hell

    IGN: Pashet
    Character/Class: Rena - NW
    Answer: IC Skill cut-ins would be really cool!

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    Ruben Villager
    Oct 2016
    IGN: Tori
    Character/Class : Aisha - VP
    Answer: I'd like to see a skill cut-in for the swat sets!