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    Ruben Villager
    Aug 2016

    Question some question about CBS

    I'm just create new Eve, and still a newbie to CBS ;w;, I wanted to ask some question about CBS:

    1/ Is +10 4th Drone decent enough for CBS to deal dmg?

    2/ Should i go with strength build or bravery build( also need skill slot build) ?

    3/ Finally, which ERP point should i invest in?

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    Elder Citizen
    Apr 2013
    Old Neon Town
    1. A +10 4D Drone should be strong enough, yes.

    2. I've seen many CBS players go for a strength build, but honestly I think either works. A bravery build might be difficult to keep up at first, however.
    For skills, here's what I take into dungeons:

    Illusion Stinger (Empowered) // Linear Divider (Light) // Particle Ray (Empowered), switched out for hyper for heroic dungeons // Kugel Blitz (Gigantic) // Needles Cutting (sometimes switched out for Extreme Virtual)
    Energy Needles (Advanced) // Energetic Heart (Killing Blow 1) // Giga Stream (Light) // Mana Conversion (Haste) // Dimension Link Guardian (Gigantic)

    If you're going with a strength build, I'd recommend bringing Sweep Rolling to help retain stacks.

    3. 50 points into Max HP/MP. CBS already has a max MP increasing passive, and you'll want to take full advantage of it given how mana hungry she can be. After that, I'd invest some points into skill CD time decrease so you can cycle between Energy Needles + skill spam more often. I think around 30 points should be enough (I'm currently running with 42 points invested and it often leaves me with all my pots on CD and nothing to do, haha).

    After that, you'll probably want to invest in strength/bravery skill damage, depending on what build you decide to go for. You can also invest in MP skill consumption decrease, but take note that T. CBS has a passive which refunds a certain percentage of a skill's MP. So the more ERP you invest in this, the less MP you'll get back when you use skills.

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    Shelling Guardian
    Oct 2012
    Being compared to waterfall :^(
    1. My CBS is using a +9 SD Alterasia Drones and thanks to stuff like code: breaker, she deals a lot of damage in lvl 90 queue in SDs compared to my other characters.

    2. Personally for me, I'm going for a strength build, but like G123u said, bravery is also another option. What I bring (or plan to since I'm trans lol):

    DLG (Heavy)| MEB (Regen 2)| Mana Convert (Haste)| Particle Ray (Empowered) | Sweep Rolling (Regen 1)
    Electronic Fall | Energy Needles (Advanced)| EH (KB(1)) | Needles Cutting | Linear Divider (Heavy)

    *Other skills I'm considering: Sentry (To combine with MEB for MEB madness, but that's a niche use), Illusion Stinger, HA, Kugel Blitz, Giga Stream.
    *EH is up 24/7 which is especially important once you're trans to get a 15% magical attack boost. This is why there's a lack of ECS.
    *Needles are up almost 24/7 which is also important for passive abuse.
    *Bossing skills are sweep rolling and linear divider (Remember to use code: breaker or v key before using them)
    *Some traits are preferences especially stuff like giga stream or linear divider (Light vs Heavy).

    3. I personally invested in mp cost reduction despite knowing that it'll effect the passive as I'll still overall reduce the cost of the skill. Though if you're not into that, I agree with going for hp/mp to abuse CRP and your mana pool.

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    Elder Citizen
    Dec 2013
    1. Better than what my Eves use.

    2. I'll always recommend Bravery, as Linear Divider and Giga Stream are both amazing burst damage as well as CBS's best damage:MP, and DLG is also a solid skill. Strength is much easier to maintain glove stacks with though, and Needles are always good, so that's also a valid option.

    My generic dungeon setup is:
    filler | Haste Mana Conversion | KB1 Energetic Heart | Psychic Artillery | Heavy Linear Divider
    filler | Advanced Energy Needles | Gigantic Dimension Link Guardian | Regenerating Sweep Rolling | Heavy Giga Stream

    With the two filler slots being:
    KB2 Destruction Aura: Self-explanatory, it's a damage buff.
    Final Strike: Utter garbage, I only bring it for Bravery stacks when everything else is on CD.
    Thousand Star - Mega Charge: Decent damage on mass release, benefits from Code Breaker.
    Needles Cutting: Good single target damage for the MP, air usable i-frames.
    Electronic Fall, Reversed Photon Flare: Air usable AoE, damage vs cost
    Empowered Illusion Stinger: Fast, good damage

    I think most of my trait picks aren't anything controversial, but for DLG I opt for Gigantic over Heavy both for the lower cooldown as well as more hits to kill an enemy equating to more MP returned.

    3. Same as AquaTail, I went with MP cost despite her passive, as I hate being potion reliant. HP/MP and Bravery/Strength are also valid depending on your preferences, just get your MP comfortably situated before you worry about raw damage.

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    Sander Chieftain
    Jan 2012
    Eve's luxury closet
    1. PvE is ok but PvP you need a max stage +12 void weapon
    2. in where?
    3. depends on purpose

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    Ruben Villager
    Aug 2016
    pretty sure my CBS will be PVE player, and i'm maybe mainly do Heroic Hell and SD only. Anyway, thanks everyone for answer this thread ^^.