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    Ruben Villager
    Jul 2013

    Elsword or Elesis for PVP?

    Kinda torn between the two, can't really see the difference between the two. Trying to get back into Elsword with a new character.

    Which has the better class change? I don't mind learning the game and improving slowly, don't like cheese tactics in general.

    I heard the GRM is pretty good but then so is BH and CRA... How do they compare to Elsword's class change? I used to play IS when he first came out is he still any good?

    How do they differ? GRM/LK, BH/RS, IS/CRA

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    Elder Citizen
    Dec 2013
    Bathing in salt on For Honor
    Out of the Elbois on who has the better class change it's IS. He's been getting pretty silly as of late, he's always been good, but now he's just silly good. RS is alright but not as ridiculous since his renewal where every balance patch was nothing but buffs galore for him. LK has seen better days to be honest, since his renewal he felt weaker and it hasn't been going well for him since then and as of late with nothing but nerfs. I envy every LK who can still make him good but honestly at this point he needs good gear in order to damage cause if not he feels kind of weak. I used to say he's still good but at this point I can't really say he is.

    As for Elesis, BH feels more MP reliant but that hasn't steered me away from playing her cause I find her just as fun like I do with my IS. CrA and GrM I can't really say cause I haven't played those classes of Elesis in a LOOOONG time.

    That's just from personal experience I would say out of the two and their classes find which one feels right up your alley and go from there.