: Which class?

  • Blade Master

    1 9.09%
  • Reckless Fist

    9 81.82%
  • Veteran Commander

    1 9.09%
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    The PUNisher
    Mar 2011

    MOD My next set of videos will be for Raven. Which class should I go with?

    Poll will only have 2 options, as I'm saving Veteran Commander for much much much later in the future.

    Vote in the poll and post which of the classes you want to see. Also why. I like whys more than just votes.

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    Shelling Guardian
    Oct 2012
    Being compared to waterfall :^(
    Voting for RF because I would like to see your perspective on RF as im going to pick up RF soon maybe, and I think BM might be a bit bland? I'm probably just desensitized from being with many BMs though.

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    Bethma Guard
    Oct 2015
    Seeking Inner Peace
    Play VC please even though he isn't an option. He's genuinely entertaining to watch right now because of the amount of pilot skill he requires.

    Ok fine RF

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    Lanox Oracle
    Dec 2013
    I'm voting for RF too, seconding what AquaTail said.

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    Hamel Guardian
    Dec 2014
    Commencing the Cromwell invocation.
    I was about to vote VC, but seeing there were only BM and RF... RF then, BM already having metric tons of people maining as and Youtuber teaching how to play him that there were very little left to improve upon.

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    Elder Citizen
    Dec 2015
    Lucena City, Philippines but currently working in Doha, Qatar
    OMG my idol is making another gameplay vid. Its so nice you upload them all at once. For the Raven (I wanted VC tho), RF is your best choice. BM is everywhere already. I like to see how you play him and your skill set up. RF has so many various skills.

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    Cobo Service
    Mar 2012
    In America
    Male sure you wardrobe a swim suit on Raven, that's how you get 300k views

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    The PUNisher
    Mar 2011
    Male sure you wardrobe a swim suit on Raven, that's how you get 300k views
    You're gonna gift it to me then right?

    Hmm....do people really want to see VC over the other 2 that much?


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    Elder Citizen
    Dec 2015
    voted rf but vc is neat too.

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    The PUNisher
    Mar 2011
    Alright I added a VC option to the poll.

    For those who voted for RF and want to change their vote, let me know and I'll...manually...do that.....dangit I don't wanna do work.