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    Ruben Villager
    Apr 2014


    Welcome to [Lethe]

    About [Lethe]

    Based off one of the 5 rivers in the Underworld Greek Mythology, We are a hybrid guild with a PvE focus. We welcome anyone! you'll find a place in Lethe! Im think of starting semi-new so plz Join! Alts Welcomed!


    • Mains preferred(Alts are welcomed) You may be allowed to have one alt. However, we reserve the right to remove your alt if needed. Talk to the GM if you'd like to have multiple characters.

    • No salt. Includes talking rudely about other guilds. You will be warned up too 2 times if you are caught, kick from Guild if you violate the rules no exceptions. Report any violations to the GM, or any admin if the GM is not available. Please include screenshots.

    • You will be considered inactive after 14 days and receive a warning if more than said number you will be kicked. If you are consistently inactive do tell at #afk in Discord with IGNs and reason of inactivity please. If you contribute nothing to the guild, do not expect the guild to contribute to you.

    • Joining Discord allows you to get updates and announcements regarding [Lethe]. Discord is easy to use. If you don’t know how to use it or can’t figure it out, we'll help you get it set up. Please do NOT use the website version. Download the app(is better).

    • Any suspicion of scamming or hacking will be investigated and upon confirmation of offenses, you will be kicked.

    Discord Rules

    • Don't be disrespectful
    • Don't spam(unless your playing with a bot on the bot channel)
    • Don't start drama
    • Don't ask for a role.
    • Any Elsword related questions go to #help-and-questions
    • If you are going to sell something dont scam and be fair on the prices, (In case u get scammed make sure to take a picture/video of the trade so we can alert others on the game about the scammer)
    • If you're gonna be offline for a while for reasons make sure to message a mod or admin so that way you dont get kicked for inactivity

    • Don't withdraw everything at once take only what you need

    • If you're taking something from storage make sure to also store something

    • Do not store any of the items that are not listed, if you do, you will get a warning, after the 3rd warning you will get kicked from the guild
    • In case there's a costume in the storage only take it if its for your current character in the guild.

    Guild Storage

    • Orbs pouches
    • Secret Dungeon materials
    • Henir materials and Heroic gear
    • Gate of Darkness Elixirs
    • Alchemist Elixirs and Blacksmith Mithrill stones
    • Magic Amulets (of any level)
    • Potions that give at least 100 mana
    • El Tree Fruit
    • Guild coins
    • El shards of any (element mystery are ok too)
    • Magic stones (advanced or normal)
    • Accessories (only elite accessories) not normal stuff from the accessory shop
    • Secret dungeon entry permits and Hero dungeon invitation
    • Blessed enhancement stones
    • Complete recovery potions and elixirs, advanced mana potions, vigor potions, organic apples, any mp recovery craftable drinks
    • Costumes (if you are kind)
    • Boss drop weapons (elite only level 70+ no less)
    • Time and space crystals
    • Any item mall items

    (not good ik)

    Initiate - When you Just Joined.
    Member - You're given this role after.
    Veteran - You'll receive this role generally after a month.
    Officer - You must be talkative, social, and help out with recruiting.(can also be social and talkative on discord could count)
    Administrator - Only to people who are trusted by the GM, committed to and able to look out for the guild. You will not receive this rank if you ask for it.


    In Game Name:
    Discord Tag: (You can PM me your tag)

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    Ruben Villager
    Aug 2016
    ING: ShadowBlanc
    LV(ERP): 99(37)
    Discord Tag: ShadowBlanc #4114

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    Ruben Villager
    Apr 2014
    ING: ShadowBlanc
    LV(ERP): 99(37)
    Discord Tag: ShadowBlanc #4114
    Im on~ are you on rn I did make a Guild Ad on the Guild Board

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    Ruben Villager
    Apr 2014