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    Ruben Villager
    Oct 2015


    About guild:

    Guild was created on 7th of April 2016. Guild level is 10. If you want to join guild you can contact me in game (TheLucifear, Rainall); mail on webpage ( or here, below. There are 100 characters in guild but not many online. I am trying to make this guild as much active as it is possible.

    About me:

    I play Raven, (SM, level 89), nickname "TheLucifear"; and a Chung, (TT, level 99), nickname "Rainall".


    Clan is in development... I am looking for officers, who will help me with some duties...
    If youre looking for more info, you can visit our webpage:


    Guild information & rules

    >1 Offline status:
    1.1 If offline status is for longer than two days (before earlier notice), then rank may be degraded to "Initiate".
    1.2 If offline status is for longer than ten days (before earlier notice), then character may be removed from the guild.

    >2 Behave:
    2.1 Being polite to others is really important. Acting rude, using bad words (and so on...) is frobidden.

    >Recruting requirements:
    There are some requirements of you'r character's name.