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    Ruben Villager
    Jul 2017

    Misa's Lemonade Stand 2.0

    Hi, sorry for the mistunderstandign on the other commission post.
    To Clarify, I had no idea, the base i used, can't be used for COMMERICAL PURPOSES. I am very sorry for those who got offended... D';
    And next, I DID refund all those ppl.. so I think we are good there

    And for those of you who didn't read. tl;dr. I messed up somewhere along the lines and I'll not use bases and draw my own chibi bases.


    I was inspired by the bases I used and cakexchan and hinausa >///< super adorable chibis. anyways my hands hurt.

    Welcome, welcome!

    Prices have been raised due to the amount it takes to do these chibis ;'D Like an hour.

    [issa original]



    3 for 120m


    1. ChibiKiwi

    2. Wadanohara

    3. 5evaEclair

    1 per person

    Wait List Here DIY

    pay to Ahrimie
    NA only
    will not start til paid. k good night i'm a tired student. ;D

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    Elysion Navigator
    May 2011
    Could I take those slot? For 2 Bargain prices? /)//3//(\

    IGN: Bayonetta
    Type: 2 Chibi Couples + 2 singles (Bargain deal x2)
    Refs: Couple 1 + Couple 2 + Any 2 singles in here
    Payment: 240m

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    Bethma Guard
    Jun 2014
    IGN: Elleze
    Type: 3 chibis (120 mil)
    Refs: 1 2 3
    Extra: For the first one please include handcuffs, while for the second one please include the pocky weapon !

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    Feita Knight
    Jun 2013
    Reserve please
    IGN: Classica
    Type: 1 chibi
    Refs: https://toyhou.se/914671.estelle
    Extra notes: I really like the one in the example with a reddish tint to it, so if you could do a blue tint for estelle that would be really cool (but if you can't dw about it! I'll try to send via mail tomorrow)

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    Elder Citizen
    Jan 2013
    Somewhere Over The Rainbow
    Ign: MysticFairy
    Type: Chibi
    Refs: Just my Rena
    Payment: 50m
    Notes: Can you include the GF Wings in the ref, but color it pink/red so that it matches her outfit? (Wings can be simplified) If not, just let me know. cx

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    Bethma Guard
    Jul 2014
    2016 failed resolutions
    ah, can i reserve or is it full? c:

    (notices waitlist)


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    Altera Savior
    Jan 2013
    -//reserivnnig sj c
    IGN: Laylina
    Type: 3 Chibis
    Reference(s): 1 2 3
    Payment: 120m

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    Velder Noble
    Feb 2014
    Mobage Spree
    hello! Reserving~

    IGN: AniHimeAi
    Type: 3 Chibis
    Refs: Scarlett || Winter || Hime
    Total: 120m
    Extra info: For Hime, feel free to pick any outfit!

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    Altera Savior
    Dec 2012
    ( ยด_ゝ`)
    aa these are cute! reserving a spot on waitlist o7
    feel free to stick yourself above me on the waitlist if you posted above my post LOL;;

    it seems a little more organized to post here than squeezing it on the waitlist column,, i hope it's ok

    IGN: Tinder
    Type: 3 for 120m deal
    Ref: [one] - details in album
    [two] - cute shy kid, loves her bear!
    [three] - rebellious, overconfident, likes to look cool

    feel free to simplify anything ^ q ^
    and for payments, do you do in game meet ups or mail only?

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    Elder Citizen
    May 2016
    put myself on the waitlist, thank you <3