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    Ruben Villager
    Jul 2017

    Red face Help i need a deep guide on game mechanichs

    So, i played elsword before with RK then with IP and now with ST since the beta of the game i plated randomly without knowing how to maximize the character grow, i see a lot of people do tons of dmg in dungeon and with level above the mine (sometimes i die in a lot in dungeon) so i want to know a bit more about game mechanics:
    What should i do for improve my survivability and dmg in dungeon other then use consumable items wich i crafted from alchemyst?
    With what should i equip my Storm Trooper at max lv?
    Wich are the best skills for pve?
    And also i saw a lot of cute cut-in skill for Rose but in the shop there are only the standard ones where i get it?

    Thanks ahead, Sharp.

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    Lanox Oracle
    Dec 2013
    The best way to improve survivability is to learn to avoid damage, either by manually dodging attacks or to invincibility frame through them. In case you don't know, invincibility frames refer to frames where your character cannot get hit (any DoT you have on you will still continue to take effect) and this is usually achieved by using a special active. Each one has different lengths of invincibility frames, though, and timing them is an essential skill to learn for PvE, too.

    There are several ways to improve damage:
    1. Get better gear
    2. Socket more Critical and Maximise
    3. Make sure you're Awakened all the time
    That's all I can think of at the moment, I may have missed some. To elaborate on these points... during the levelling stages of the game, you can do with the elite gear that the story quest gives you and use boss drop weapons before you get Secret Dungeon (SD) gear. Speaking of SD gear, you'll need Barrier Fragments (obtained as drops from mobs in SDs or you can buy them off other players), Magical Crystals (dismantle equipment), the base elite piece to upgrade (you can exchange for these using Sacrificed Adventurer pieces, also obtained from SD bosses or from buying from other players) and El Rewards (clearing the daily and weekly SD quests). The recommended SD set to get on STr is Ancient Noble Guardian, craftable from the blacksmith in Hamel. You can always use Magic Amulets or manual enhancing at the blacksmith to make your weapons and gear more powerful (increasing their enhancement level also increases the chances of you socketing higher values, capping at +10), but if you are manually enhancing, it's advisable not to try to go beyond +7 unless there is an enhancement event.

    Speaking of Awakening, you can socket Awakening Charge so that you can fill up the meter faster so you can get to awakening faster (and to build it up while you're already in awakening). Staying at 3 beads of Awakening isn't necessary as Rose doesn't gain any special benefits from it.

    As for equipment, it depends on whether you're a PvE, PvP or hybrid player. For PvE, the ideal setup is a Stage 15 Void weapon (obtained by running the Add's Fusion Theory dungeon) and 2/5 Wrath + 2/5 Wisdom Unique Heroic gear. As for the ideal effects on said Heroic gear:
    Top: Attack/Attacked Damage +%
    Bottom: Party Physical Attack +%
    Gloves: Upon using a Strength skill, Strength skill damage increase +% maximum 5 stacks
    Shoes: MP cost -%

    As for skills, your essential skills are Barbecue (Heavy, STr doesn't suffer from CD issues due to her Transcendence passives), Laser Rifle (trait is your choice, you don't need to charge this skill at all for it to deal a lot of damage), Aimed Strike and three actives (one of them being Miracle Vision) which add up to an ECP cost of 100-105. You need to make sure that you're in Overstrike mode all the time; not only does it give you 30% damage increase to commands and skills, but it also gives you passive MP regeneration. Other viable skills include (pick some at your preference):
    • FM-31 Grenade Launcher (can be used for keeping up Heavy Weapon Mastery stacks, has great MP gain when hitting multiple targets)
    • Quantum Bomb (can be used for bossing and clearing to an extent)
    • Operation Raze (field clearer)
    • Flame Strike (damage is good, use Critical on this skill)
    • Pampero Booster (freeze is handy for the party, but keep in mind that it's not reliable for skipping boss phases since bosses have higher resistances and they can activate their next phase in the short amount of time that they aren't frozen since resistance affects freeze time)
    • X-1 Extruder (should only be used if you have Strength stacking gloves, can be used to keep up HWM stacks and is strong enough to clear if you have said gloves)
    • M-137 Gatling Gun (to be used to keep up HWM and Strength stacks

    As for the skill cut-ins... I'm not 100% sure. Some of the cut-ins present in the customisation list were limited time releases, and some of said cut-ins cannot be purchased from the IM (in that specific case, you would have needed to grind for materials and craft the cut-in at Ariel).

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    Hamel Guardian
    Dec 2013
    闇の世界!? Nah.
    Welcome back~

    For skill cut-ins, most are cash-only but some people sell it on the board.

    They might be pricey but you can stalk the market if you save up enough ED~

    not a STr so yeah~

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    Ruben Villager
    Jul 2017
    ok thx guys lets see what i can do (y)

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    ok thx guys let see what i can do now (y)