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    Ruben Villager
    May 2016
    I mash super on wakeup

    Help regarding stats and damage

    Hello everyone. It's been a while since I've PVP'd and now that I got back I find myself doing no damage with whatever I use.

    88% maxi

    8k Add dmg

    Both weapons are +9 and deal almost same damage with Z and X attack. Even using sparr wep I get this kind of damage.

    Is there something wrong that I'm doing?
    Am I not supposed to hit harder with 90% maxi?
    Or am I not understanding how Maxi and add work in PVP now?

    I have oath and guild crit passive so crit is not an issue.

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    Head Chef
    Jul 2016
    Add damage in the first pic seems like it could be a little higher maybe 5-6k? Also, for the first set up do you use OoR?

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    Elysion Navigator
    Mar 2011
    Out searching...
    You don't do damage because you have a +9. That's all it really comes down to.

    Though you need both maxi and add damage (both above 10k) to really have good damage with that kind of weapon.