: Best class

  • infinity Sword

    10 83.33%
  • Rune Slayer

    1 8.33%
  • Lord Knight

    1 8.33%
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    Ruben Villager
    Jul 2017

    Lightbulb Changing elsword Class

    i have LK but for some time now he isnt really good now for me at least in parties only thing i can do is armor break for my teammates and use arma he is good sometimes if only i use his skills, so its getting boring i want u guys to tell me which class would be good since i like fast characters which is IS but i read that he got nerfed so i am worried and people are saying go with RS but some say he is boring.I have played with IS but i was more interseted in LK so i played with him now he is LVl 99 and i have fully upgraded SD gear and heroic weapon with 8k maximize nad some other decent states so plz can u tell me should i change him or not , i like characters which are fun to play and fast which is IS but his damage is worst out of all three atleast that what i have heard so plz tell me.
    i will make a poll and give me reasons.Srr if i am repeating this kind of thing since there are events which i really want to play which was not before and oFc free skill slot

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    Hamel Guardian
    Dec 2014
    Commencing the Cromwell invocation.
    But lately I heard IS was the strongest of those 3 classes in PvE, not to mention the numbers of IS in PvP clearly increased because you-know-why.

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    Mar 2011
    piglet my guy
    Moved thread to Elsword subsection as you'll likely get better answers there.

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    Sheath Knight
    Dec 2013
    Your Vital Regions
    I find IS the most fun out of the 3 but I'm pretty sure he's not the strongest. His combos just feel all nice and fluid and his skills satisfying. He didn't get any significant nerfs recently (unless I haven't been paying attention), Sword Fall is still dumb and that's all that really matters lol.

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    Shelling Guardian
    Oct 2012
    Being compared to waterfall :^(
    IS is pretty insane in terms of bossing and being able to stunlock(?) and i wanna say "gravity" lock bosses with infinite chaser and maelstrom.

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    Ruben Villager
    Jul 2017
    Thanks guys