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    Oct 2013
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    They sure nerf the very best selling point of CBS
    Ask any veteran player, and you'll know that Energetic Heart was never the best selling point of CBS.

    (It was always the costume game...)

    Anyway, on topic, if your VC has a bslot, then it would be worthwhile to job change him to BM. However, if he doesn't, making a new Raven to advance to BM would be better, from a cost-efficiency point of view.

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    Jun 2017
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    Depends on your playstyle (do you feel that VC is too slow? etc.). BM definitely has a faster playstyle and isn't as MP hungry as VC (and also clears noticeably faster), but VC still has stupid burst damage in the form of RC. Pick your poison.
    I just think that my VC does do damage but for individual and BM do damage more to many enemies

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    Moving thread to Eve subsection

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