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    Ruben Villager
    Jan 2016
    A place where English is not the first language :p

    New CBS user here

    So I have a level 99 CN where I just spam Iron Scraps, Dust Aura, and core activation, and pretty much my other 6 skills, and I have no problem with 300 mana. I guess it's not the same with CBS lol

    First few low-level dungeons were fine: the first time I got Energy Needles I was spamming away with it without having shortage with mana. When I got Energetic Heart it became a bit hectic, but it was still manageable. However things changed (insert fire nation joke) after I got to Hamel and I just can't keep using my skills other than EH and Energy Noodles.

    I searched the internet for some guides and they say that zzz>^z is the best combo for CBS (and CN, though I never use that combo cause I spam >>^zx), but I feel that it defeats the purpose of EH.

    So far, in level 58, I have:

    Mana Conversion(Haste) | Energetic Heart(No trait yet) | Linear Divider(No trait yet) | Thousand Star(No trait yet)
    DLG(Heavy) | Energy Needles(No trait yet) | Particale Ray(Empowered) | Photon Flash[subject to change]

    So what's the best combo so that I can manage my mana while I spam skills to my heart's content? Please list the skills needed as well and my final skill build if you won't mind and also would the 200 mana addition of the level 55 passive skill will ease my mana shortage?


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    Captain Aisha
    Jan 2012
    Outside of reality
    About your mana problems, you will have them until you trans CBS. After trans with EH every skill will give you 15% of mana consumed back. Also it has a chance of making mana convern give extra mp. Sadly you wont get this until almost end game. So you will need to handle hamel, sander, lanox and possibly atlas region without trans. It will be a bit tough.

    The larger mana pool will definitely help but this will only work in combination of mana elixirs or anything that can heal 100% your mana pool. So dent get your hopes to high here :c

    Alternatively you can try getting gear with mana consumption reduce and since you got a lv 99 CN try getting some resonance lv so that you can pour it into mana consumption reduce for your CBS. If you constantly use lots of pots getting in a guild with lv 5 Alchemist passive will help a lot. I dont recommend getting gear with item recover % up since its just better to go for consumption reduce in gear.

    as for comobos zzz>>^z is definitely the best as long as you do it quickly. there are some ppl that like doing >>zz but this is mostly for damage all though it can get you some nice mana to.

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    Elder Citizen
    Dec 2013
    >>XX during EH has good MP gain, but it launches/KDs, so it's detrimental to use against things that aren't super armored. Other than that, ZZZ>>^Z really is the best you'll get.

    EDIT: Although, since Needles don't generate their own ECS fields, I like ZZZ>>^X instead to buff those while I build MP.

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    Ruben Villager
    Jan 2016
    A place where English is not the first language :p
    So I really need to get trans before I can manage my mana shortage huh? Alright, I'll try to handle myself 'till I trans lol and since you guys said that zzz>>^z is my combo to go with, I guess I'll make myself get used to it

    thanks guys