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    Ruben Villager
    Jul 2017

    Newcomer that needs help deciding is first main.

    Hi there. I just installed Elsword a couple days ago and after quite long research I found myself wondering wich character would be the best main. After thinking about it I decided that the characters i like the most are: Sakra devanam, Erbluhen Emotion, Iron Paladind and Elemental Master. I came to the forums hoping that someone could tell me wich one is the coolest, funniest and relaxing to play. I like magicians, tanks and support kinda characters and these ones fited the bill. Also I only want to do pve. I was hoping you veterans could tell me hos they do in different aspects like:

    - Bossing
    - Mobbing
    - Clearing
    - How is their mp management
    - If they rely too much on gear or not ( I will at first get sd gear).
    - The pros and cons of each one if possible

    Thanks in advance and sorry if this thread is in the wrong place or if it isn't too clear. I'm new at the forums so I'm very excited to learn new things. And finally as it is my first time please be gentle xD.

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    Lanox Oracle
    Dec 2013
    Based on your criteria, Erbluhen Emotion (EE) suits your category the most, but he has, by far, the most amount of micromanagement necessary to be played effectively. Especially because you're new, it can take a while to slowly start being good at him, and it's harder to manage at lower levels.

    Bossing: Like any Ain, he can be disruptive due to Requiem Mut knocking things up and Verteidi pushing things around, but otherwise can sustain bossing damage due to his ability to reduce the cooldowns of his Bravery skills using Eid: Cycle skills. Requiem Rein requires positioning but does very heavy damage against bosses with wider hitboxes. Can hold his ground in this aspect.

    Mobbing and Clearing: Requiem Rein clears relatively well, and most of his Eid: Cycle skills also have sizeable AoE. Requiem Wille can be used to clean up, but most of his clearing revolves around grouping mobs up and then taking them all out (whether this is using Requiem Rein and the rest of your Bravery/Eid: Cycle skills or using Windhose to push/group and then using Requiem Mut/Eid: Cycle skills to kill).

    How is their MP management: Blume Rein helps with keeping up MP, but EE's MP problems increase by quite a bit when the party pushes the pace faster than his pilot can keep up (especially as Blume Rein gives gradual MP). To play optimally, Extended Quick Slot will help if you're still learning how to manage MP effectively, but otherwise can be played effectively without it if you can do that well. Using Rein Eids on your Eid: Cycle skills can help somewhat, but don't rely on it.

    Gear reliance: Not much (can do well with a +8), but requires a good pilot in order to bring out his damage.

    + Fast cycling (pun unintended) of special actives allows for lots of invincibility frames
    + Solid damage
    + Can do relatively well in clearing
    + Can support at the same time with a buff and Blume Rein

    - Can be mana hungry if you can't manage well
    - Hard to pick up (usually, it's better if you can start on a simpler character, learn the basic mechanics of the games then, and then pick up EE to learn about his micromanagement. Learning about both at the same time can be a painful process)
    - Needs a good pilot to reach full potential (lower skill floor)
    - Eids are harder to manage at lower levels, but this will be much simpler at levels 90, 91 and 95 (Blooming Emotion passive, Final Enhanced Alchemie Eid and Satz Aurora are obtained at those respective levels)

    Again, he's difficult to pick up, and remember that your first character that you plan isn't necessarily your main since your playstyle might be suited to another class more. I started on Void Princess in this game, but found it much more relaxing and fun when I switched over to Veteran Commander, and he's been my main ever since, so I'd personally use a simpler character to learn about the game's mechanics before moving onto Erbluhen Emotion to see if you like him. I would recommend Elemental Master or Sakra Devanam (they're both relatively simpler) as a first character, but in the end, it's up to you.

    Hopefully this clears things up a bit. I'm not the most reliable person to ask about EE (I have some experience and research under my belt, but I'm not good enough to be able to play him to his maximum potential), so I may have gotten some things wrong (and hopefully that's when others can step in and correct me).

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    Elder Citizen
    Dec 2013
    Skyress covered most everything I'd say on the subject; EE fits what you're looking for best by the sounds of it, but there's a lot of micromanagement involved and I'm not sure that he'd be "relaxing", particularly for a new player. If you think you're up for it, go for it, but Elemental Master (EM) or Sakra Devanam (SD) would probably be easier first characters to handle. EM might be the better fit between the two, but admittedly I don't know a ton about how SD stacks up these days, beyond "Flying Kite isn't doing anything anymore without gear" and "Fire Lotus looks great for linear rooms".

    Iron PrincessPaladin (IP) is more tooled for PvP, and not a character I'd recommend considering your intended PvE focus.

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    Ruben Villager
    Jul 2017
    I see. From what you guys said, EE is a character who needs a lot of atention and is a bit harder to pick up for a new player. I think I'm going with EM then because she is also the type of character I like. Thanks to both of you for the info and helping decide.