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    Ruben Villager
    Jul 2017

    Lightbulb Undecided

    I've played Elsword a few years ago. Now I don't know what to choose. Tell me your opinions about these characters, please: CN/CE/IP/GM/BM

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    Cobo Service
    Mar 2012
    In America
    I could only speak for BM, but he's one of the top characters for PvE and you don't need most of his transcendence passives to be powerful (But I'd still recommend you to get his passives though if you want to be a king in dungeons). His major downfalls are mostly not that many i frame skills and cool downs. Both are easily solved with Heroic Vision set and cool down identification. He has very little issues with mana gain considering that one of his passives increases his mana per hit. YOu also don't need to worry about socketing too much Critical and focus on Maximize.

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    Shelling Guardian
    Oct 2012
    Being compared to waterfall :^(
    I'm a CEM main, so I can only give her a definitive opinion about her. CEM is top 10 best PvE class imo because of how high her skill damage can be due to summons copying her core skills: MEB and Tesla Flare. She also gains mp rapidly when she achieves trans allowing her to spam skills frequently which can have their cooldown reduced to 0 thanks to a passive. She also has very good i-frames and has the abilitiy to freeze mobs with electronic thunder. She's the most beginner friendly Eve, and extremely safe. Her major issue is being terribad in PvP and being the slowest Eve, so if you can't springstep, you may fall behind.

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    Mar 2011
    piglet my guy
    I can't speak for any of those characters but all I can say is welcome back.

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    Ruben Villager
    Jul 2017
    Thank you for useful informations. For now the best choice is BM but I'll wait for a CN review. I really like the way Eve looks

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    Thanks, I'm glad to be back