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    New player needing help to decide his main

    Hi there guys. I´m a new player in elsword, (installed it 4 days ago), and I`m having trouble deciding a main. After quite the long research I decided that the two classes that i liked the most were: MasterMind and Erbluhen Emotion. I know that they have difficult systems but I`m used to it. I`m only going to do pve, I pretend to reach end-game pve and I`m willing to get a b-slot. So i decided to come here and I was hoping you veterans could give me some advice about these two characters in different aspects like:

    -Are they fun classes (you don`t get bored after a while playing them);
    -How do they do in pve;
    -Do they have good mp management;
    -Are they good at clearing, bossing and mobbing;
    -Are they gear reliant

    I was hoping too that you guys could tell me the pros and cons of these two classes if it isn`t much work.
    I`m eager to learn new things with you guys.
    I`m new at the forums so sorry if i was`t too clear or if this post is in the wrong place. Finally this is my first time so be gentle xD.
    Thanks in advance for the help.

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    Lanox Oracle
    Dec 2013
    Please refer to my reply to this particular thread in the link below for Erbluhen Emotion:

    Unfortunately, I don't know much about MM, hopefully someone else can help in that regard.

    Fun is very subjective, but personally, I find EE. Sometimes I find him slightly frustrating but that's only because I seem to have hit a wall in terms of improving as a pilot.