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    Ruben Villager
    Nov 2013
    yes now that ive enhanced it. there is no big difference between the sd set and my old set

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    Hamel Guardian
    Mar 2011
    Canada, Ontario, Markham
    why would you pve with WS :notlikethis:

    OT: don't listen to me
    Real answer: if you were to pve WS. prepare to chunk down potion like no tomorrow if you run strength build. If you run active build, you should be able to not chunk as much as strength.

    my set up for pve is very simple

    4/4 armor for 4th dim or 2/5 wrath 2/5 wisdom and the following stuff
    Top = Flex or Strength CDR or attack/attacked top*
    Bottom = att.speed or p.att
    glove = flex stack or strength stack. Up to you
    Shoes = Flex or strength CDR or boss attack*

    for the Flex CDR
    There's a reason why you want CDR over MP reduction for most of the time. Every time you use nature force/reflective kick, it reduces the CD by 1 sec. Not to mention if you have ERP 100 or 80 into CDR + flex CDR on top + shoe you get like 3 sec on every single active in the game. Hence why im blowing things up even if i use a +9 lvl 60 weapon. The way CD works is basically for example: back kick is 5 sec. with 20% flex CDR + 25% ERP CDR, back kick is basically 3 sec. But active build can be as Mp costly as Strength build.

    ERP either flex or strength. if you're high enugh at lvl 150 ERP get CDR or MP red. I prefer CDR because of my heroic extracted henir gear that i have. If you have trouble getting heroic wrath gear, get savior gear [normal mode heroic]. it works better than SD and Henir if you have at least flex stack glove/strenght stack glove as it gives 50% more damage to that specific tier. Anything other than that, you can just build mainly around CDR or MP reduction/Spec B build.

    but...prepare to feel very useless in a party full of gearlord.

    I'm a pure active build so most of my active skills are 3 sec CD.

    but don't follow my build if you have no idea how to maintain MP

    for an active build
    Chronicle [10%] + Ring [20%] + Skill stack glove [40-50% (8%-10%)] + ERP [Flex 100/100 or CDR 100/100] + what i just listed on top

    for strength build
    Chronicle [10%] + Ring [20%] + Skill stack glove [40-50% (8%-10%)] + ERP [Strength 100/100 or MP 100/100] + Specialization B [at least 25-30%] + what I just listed on top