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    Ruben Villager
    Dec 2016

    Guild : ElysionKingdom (Official Guild Thread)

    Guild : ElysionKingdom
    Guild level : Lv7
    Social, PVP, PVE

    This Guild is for those who wish to have warming home, willing to help each other and make this guild as your Elsword home.

    Just starting to recruit members. Until today it's just only me who running this guild because take time to learn everything about Guild function and making Discord for Guild use. You can try to join and and hope you enjoy your stay. I hope can really find good member and build this guild into a warm family. This guild is for english user but in case you're indonesian, you can be accepted since I still in the middle to learn Indonesian language to communicate (I'm not Indonesian)

    Please put your IGN and I will open the character and add you as friend, then invite you to join the guild if I saw you online. Add IGN Shinryun as friend, direct add you into the guild when I saw you online.
    Or you can put your message at Discord :
    *Put your IGN at #introduce tab

    Thank you, Terima Kasih

    Note : last time did try to do the recruitment but not confident but now I will give a try.