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    Ruben Villager
    May 2017
    on the earth
    These 3 skills are your quick access to Bloody Action buff, prioritized in order. Rushing Dance gives it fastest, followed by Chain Snatch
    if you use chain snatch with useful trait, it hits more than rushing dance even its mana half of rushing dance..
    >>^XX (Dash Jump XX) : This is CRo's highest normal damage combo. Use it as much as possible and become used to it. Do not use XXXX.
    from what i see dps of xxxx is more than >>^xx. if you look only for just a bullet damage, yes >>^xx shot damage is higher...
    However with your revolver master passive you hit really fast with your only 'X' spam
    using xxxx is better than >>^xx. Of course you need to use that(>>^xx) command too
    also chain powder has 15 sec cooldown, while your over strike mode 10 sec. Unless you have some cooldown reduce from somewhere or you can join frenzy within that time, you can't join over strike mode within that 5 sec...
    crimson is not like other rose classes, she doesn't need to use actives to be able to join over strike mode...
    frenzy can make you overstrike immediately when hit 30 bloody action stack
    other than that thanks to revolver master, your xxxx combo is really fast and you can join i overstrike with only shooting easily unlike ST or freyja...
    in a short, xxxx revolver combo is one of key command of crimson, you can't just leave it

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    Ruben Villager
    May 2017
    on the earth
    Light Element is fine for a CRo, I run with it all the time as it's an element shared throughout all my Roses for PvE. It keeps enemies locked and easier to pull in with Chain Snatch and easier to >>^XX their health down. Sometimes it helps for bosses that are vulnerable to light, too. Just stay cautious of knocked down enemies and don't petrify them.
    light OwO
    I don't know why you recommend light(i mean, when keeping knocked down enemy become a useful thing?)
    however i recommend you try water/wind (water1/wind3 the best for me)