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    Ruben Villager
    May 2017

    Red face VC(Transcendence) Set of Skills, What are those?

    Hi Elplayers!

    Im wondering how my VC true Set of skills through HH, SDG, Dungeons?
    I change into VC character thats why I need your perceptions about VC.

    Thank you.

    Wooo? Kernel, Who are you?


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    Hamel Guardian
    Dec 2013
    闇の世界!? Nah.
    I'm currently making a VC from scratch.

    Most of the good skills:

    Actives - Shadow Step, Ground Impact, Flame Sword

    Specials - Both Ignition Crow, Revolver Cannon, Harpoon, Power Assault, and the trans skill (not the active nor the Hellfire) and stuff...

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    Lanox Oracle
    Dec 2013
    (Times like this where I wish I had updated my guide earlier)

    Either way, your staple skills are Shadow Step, another Active or two depending on your playstyle (pick one/two: Flame Sword, Ground Impact, Haze Explosion, I highly recommend against building Flexibility on VC), Harpoon Spear, Revolver Cannon, and both Ignition Crows.

    Other viable skills that you can bring include:
    • Bursting Blade (aerial clearing, can be handy for Heroic Hell
    • Hellfire (strictly for invincibility frames only, only viable in Heroic Hell if you really, really need it)
    • Power Assault
    • Cannon Blade
    • HA (does great amounts of damage on large bosses and can also function as a clearer in certain situations)
    • Ifrit Flame (for damage/clearing, keep in mind that it's piercing count is only 3-4 and will lift everything it touches. You can use this to your advantage in certain situations)
    • Giga Prominence (good invincibility frames and damage against larger bosses, up to preference)

    You may find that having a specific skill set for Heroics (separate from SDs) is more helpful. What I personally run for Secrets is:
    Shadow Step - Haste
    Flame Sword - Empowered
    Haze Explosion - Empowered
    Ifrit Flame
    Power Assault - Heavy
    Ignition Crow - Incinerator: Absorbing
    Ignition Crow - Napalm: Critical
    Harpoon Spear - Heavy
    Revolver Cannon - Heavy

    Revolver Cannon and Harpoon Spear are on my Trans slots. The slot where Ifrit Flame is changes around when I do Heroics (in between Giga Prominence, Bursting Blade and Ifrit Flame) depending on whether I have a pre-made party or not.