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    Ruben Villager
    Jul 2013
    As a Diabla/Demonio main who used to wreck as CN until S2 revamp, I understand that when faced with a [Removed] of skills to make for squishy stats, people think it's unfair especially when it works mostly the time.
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    Altera Savior
    Jun 2011
    well from my experience:

    If you win, you're a noob.
    If you lose, you're a noob.
    If you successfully land an attack, you're a noob.
    If you grab and item or even if forcefully pushed onto one, you're a noob.
    You're a noob for pressing Z and X during the match.
    Evade any skills or attacks, and you're a noob.
    You play a class that the opponent doesn't like, which makes you noob.
    You took down 50% of your opponents HP in your first combo. Noob.
    You're barely doing any damage to them cuz they wield +12 armor. Noob.
    You have a name that they don't like. Noob.
    Your opponent whiffs a skill at you. Still, you're the noob.
    you have either a good title, bad one, or no title. Noob.
    "You're a spammer noob".
    "Lagger noob".
    "Hacker noob, report".
    "report for abusing skills like a noob".
    "Ha ha I win, Git Gud noob."
    "Only noobs play your brainded class".
    "Your gear is noob tier".
    "Noob costume".
    "Noob combos".
    (Hope Bridge) "Pushed me into the pit like a noob. Can't win with your own skill. Don't even know what skill is".
    "E rank Noob"
    "D rank Noob"
    "C rank Noob"
    "B rank noob"
    "A rank noob"
    "S rank Noob"
    "SS rank noob"
    "SSS rank noob"
    "Star rank noob"
    "Deranker noob"
    "You're stupid for thinking you can win against me, noob".
    "You got lucky noob"
    "Arrow/Bullet/projectile etc - spamming noob"
    "[Active] spamming noob"
    "Elsword/Aisha/Rena/Eve/Chung/Ara/Elesis/Add/Rose/LuCiel/Ain is just a noob character"

    maybe I should write a book:

    "Over 9000 ways to be called a noob"


    what is bad sportsmanship, and how it saps the joy from competition