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    Ruben Villager
    Apr 2014

    skill calculator

    am coming back to elsword and wondering what is the best class for eve is it still cbs even if it is not i change it to cbs so i need a skill build for her next time there is a event ill change it to her other class miss this one by 3 days.at least i am getting the returning players items really want those magic stone get 40 of them getting attack speed to 20% would be really easy on my cosmetics set

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    Shelling Guardian
    Oct 2012
    Being compared to waterfall :^(
    CBS is still the best class in PvE: Key skills you should bring are:
    KB(1) Energetic Heart
    Heavy Linear Divider
    Advanced Energy Needles
    Regenerating (1) Sweep Rolling

    Other noteworthy skills include: Illusion Stinger, Mega Electron Ball, Dimension Link Guardian, Particle Ray, Kugel Blitz, El Crystal Spectrum, Giga Stream, Hyper Active, Needles Cutting, Electronic Fall.