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    Ruben Villager
    Nov 2015
    The Land Of Lag :D

    Lightbulb LP: an ElWiki mistake

    LP zzz.png
    The extensions % on this Command is incorrect. I tested it out in training on the monkey.
    With 1278 PA and 1586 MA. NAC uses the average of them both inorder 2 deal damage, and that avg being 1182.
    The extension (~z) did 6880 with T.Awak extra damage boost(1.3x) and Battle Gear passive (100%+).
    6880/2=3440x0.7 = 2408 and then after dividing it by the average att power 2408/1182=2.0372250423
    which is 203.7%. cough*-its not as useless as it looked-*cough -not that anyone cares-