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    Ruben Villager
    Jul 2016

    Diabolic Memsper

    So Yesterday i received my +8 4d add weapon and i felt as if i didnt really like playing MM that much, it just happened. So I made an LP and that was fun but now im like hey i should just complete the trio and make a DiE. Just wanted to know what state he's in right now. PvE i can guess isnt the best but i'd still like to know. I'm gonna make it tomorrow cuz i dont have character slots ;(

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    Lanox Oracle
    Dec 2013
    As far as I'm aware, DiE is definitely not in a good spot in PvE right now and is considered one of the worst classes overall in PvE, I think.

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    Elder Citizen
    Mar 2016
    He is still not good in PvE as what skyress said. DiE is basically like Apostasia. Both have good AoE skills to clear mobs but they still lack damage in terms of bossing and clearing supreme mobs which means that you need to give him like a +9 or up with good maximize and crit stats for him to deal some amount of damage. The good thing about DiE is that he doesn't have mana problems compared the other 2 adds since DP is basically his 2nd mana bar which is to compensate for his lack of damage.