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    Ruben Villager
    Sep 2011
    NC, USA

    Looking to main something else

    I have played just about every character, but have for the most part stayed as a CBS main, I don't really know my play style and willing to try and learn a new character, would like to here some suggestions for a good character to main mostly for PvE and why.
    Please and thank you.

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    Hamel Guardian
    Dec 2013
    闇の世界!? Nah.
    VC? I'm currently making a VC from scratch. He's 90 trans now and piloting him feels satisfying with the fire and explosion stuff (a BH main here so I'm pretty much a pyromaniac lol) His damage is high enough to kill most things with just a few skills in Overheat.

    He has long i-frames to avoid patterns and his skills are spammable to an extent. Might be slower than those PVE clearing gods but he can clear with just one or two skills too, they just have longer casting frames.

    BH is also fine if you're into bossing with fire vomits~she's had some big nerfs so it feels a bit clunky for some setups.

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    Hamel Guardian
    Feb 2012
    Deadly Chaser.

    You like ricocheting projectiles? Boom!
    You like long invincibility frames? Boom!
    You like being a jack of all traits? Boom!
    You like kiting enemies and playing the range game? He's your man.
    You like easily spammable homing skills? Easy.
    You like good ground and air game? Got both worlds here.
    You like a super high rocket jump? Is no Eve movement but it does the job better than most characters.

    He's just fun to pilot.