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    Ruben Villager
    Jun 2015

    [DTFReborn] Lvl 1 Social Guild

    A Bit About DTFReborn
    DarkTimeFantasy is what DTF stands for, and was first created in a June, back a couple of years, the exact date unknown. It started with a spar room, the name of it along the lines of "Creating a guild". A group of complete strangers discussing over what seemed like an endless amount of time on what the guild name should be. They settled on DarkTimeFantasy. It's a guild that's been around for a few years, on and off, and has only ever had three different GMs (Piasurenja, longshot2580, and GrimJudge). Members came and went, quite often. Only a few really stuck around. Those worth mentioning would be past admins such as xKuroAkumax, Luctio, ThePhoenixX, and many more that I regrettably can't name off the top of my head. The original, now quite dead, has received it's remake, DTFReborn, and was first created on September 23rd, 2016. Since then, we've made a Discord channel, and have created a small community for casual gamers to enjoy themselves, while being in the presence of many wonderful and energetic friends.
    We aren't really a guild focused on one game, we're a multigaming guild. We VC, roleplay, game together, and talk. The guild is always full of activity. As of lately, however, Elsword hasn't been one of our big focuses. We'd like to change that by recruiting many of you in this community into our casual, sociable, and energetic guild, and with great amount of hope I have, perhaps even help us grow steadily further.

    Most of our rules not only apply to our server, but to in-game as well. Please take careful note of each one, so that you are able to efficiently avoid any trouble. For more details on our rules, check our Discord.
    1. Respect your fellow members and guests.
    2. Staff Members are to be obeyed to reasonable extent.
    3. Try to keep any problems you have with another member or any other sort of extreme drama out of Guild Chat. We'd like to keep a friendly environment for people to enjoy themselves.
    4. Do not spam or flood.
    5. Members must be of age 15 and up. (This is to keep the many salty children out. Not only that, but our humor can be quite crude.)
    6. If inactive for three weeks, you will be kicked from the guild. If for a month, a kick from the server will follow soon after.
    7. No begging, period.
    8. No arguing about policies or decisions made by the staff.
    9. Appa means Apple.
    10. I'll go ahead and get this out of the way right now, regarding the guild bank, take what you need, and always store something of equal rarity in return. We aren't so tight and strict on this, but we will enforce these two rules on it.
    11. Discord is a must.
    In DarkTimeFantasy, we have a special sort of ranking system. Here is a list with info on our current ranks. For more details on our rankings, please check our Discord.

    Minion: The lowest rank. This is what newbies receive as their starting rank after joining. This is equal to a member.

    Harvester: This rank identifies you as no longer being a simple newbie. You achieve this rank after becoming Level 15 on the server. (To level up on the server, all you have to do is be an active participant in conversations). This is equal to a veteran.

    Lich: Officers of DTF, their sole purpose is to recruit potential members, and are given a deadline to reach an amount of successful recruitments. They are the only role that is able to invite outsiders into DTF without being a part of staff. This is equal to, of course, an officer.

    Necromancer: These are the admins of the guild. The requirements for this rank is to be at least Level 20 on the server, showing that you participate, along with being deemed worthy and responsible by the Soul Thresher. (There's also an application you fill out to apply...)

    Soul Thresher: Overlord of DarkTimeFantasy, the Guild Master.

    As the rules stated earlier, a discord is an absolute must in order to join DTFReborn/DarkTimeFantasy. Here is a link that will take you directly to it, https://discord.gg/8yA6sQd, where you will only see a select few channels at first. Make sure to read up on the info of each, and then grab the attention of either a Lich or one of our staff members, and state your in-game name. They will guide you through the process of joining. It's greatly appreciated how much effort you put in and show, and we look forward to meeting all of you!


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    Ruben Villager
    Jun 2015
    Bumping, hoping to see many of you soon.