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    Feb 2017

    Mmmmm, Costumes I Plan For Meh Chars~

    So~ This is my first forum >^< And I just wanted to share the clothes I plan to buy for my favorite characters. I didn't do stuff like accessories , I'll probably work on those after I buy the clothes :3 Anyways I made up these in the magic wardrobe {That You Magic Wardrobe} Soooo yea~ X3
    What I Want For ZenToka #1.pngWhat I Want For ZenToka #2.png
    So this is basically the whole type A Trump Bunny Set for my Ara {This Set Is So Cute~}
    What I Want For ZenCoCo.png
    Well, I just realize I'm going to be too lazy too type out every different piece there is so just ask if you wanna know :3. Anyways this is what I plan to get for my Elesis. At first I was just planning to get the whole Combat Class for her but I didn't really like every single piece of it for her Cough Hair Cough
    What I Want For ZenReRe.png
    This next one is for my Rena~ As you already see o.o When I start these things I usually start with either the hair or the top. I never really plan on the color though. {Except for that Trump Bunny cause I like the black kind.} Anyways it makes sense Rena's outfit is mostly blue because that's actually my favorite color XD
    What I Want For ZenRoRo.png
    Yep, blue c: Also, I really love Freyja's hairstyle so I decided not to give her hair~
    What I Want For ZenLuCi - Ciel.pngWhat I Want For ZenLuCi - Lu.png
    Anyways~ That's what I want for them! That's all for now!

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    Feb 2017
    Oops, My bad o.o