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    Nov 2015

    How many char mostly you played, why, help me to choose my last big 3 or should i?

    As title said, how many char mostly you play? , and could you tell me why?

    As for me, i aim to play at least 3 chars to be rotated,I don't know when and why this thing struck my head and the reason why i ask this is because due to recent nerf one of my big 3 got hit and i need a replacement. Now i'm in the progress to leveling up my Blazing Heart but i still can't feel the "click" till now, so if i still can't feel the click even after capping her i would look for another char. I asked to Elesis subforum already but i suspect that ele is not for me. So i would ask can you suggest me anothe char to try and how that char work/operate in PvE as for recent level cap (The last time i try most of the cast was when the level cap is 85 so i bet there are a lot of things changed to the cast)

    There is another info from my thread in Elesis Sub

    Based on my experience with my main and my ex main, i like a char who have little to zero mana problem (yeah i chugg pot a lot, but i prefer a char which has good mana management), either he/she able gain mana easily or able to sustain mana on its own. Has no problem with awk charge management and has a flexible skill (adaptive more suitable perharps) i mean she/he has a good skill for multi or single platform, curved room, good bossing skill (i didn't ask for OP one) and clearing or mobing skill.I just dont like feeling useless in one aspect. Ah i like to use a char to its fullest potential, i always even try to made every single passive on my char is usable either be in pvp or Dungeon.

    MM was my main, i choose to put him in garage. While he has a very flexible and powerfull skill and unique system but post passive mana and awk charge nerf i found his mana and awk management is a little bit irritating me. So bye bye MM (Secretly hope KoG buff at least his awk gain more)

    Same thing goes to VC, his only problem is his passive is not rewarding enough for me (considering he has to play with health below to 50% of max health to activate his passive) so i job changing him to BM (which surprisingly has better mana management than VC) and keep sticking to him as one of my main.

    My another main is EE, he has a good skill set almost zero mana problem (Blume lol) and fun system.

    I almost make NB one of my big 3, but i'm not sure why i dont really enjoy her despite her powerfull and flexible skill set and she has little to zero both mana and awk problem lol.

    So that's my long post explanation, i wonder would one of the Elesis be my big 3 cuz for now i just play 2 chars lately (BM and EE) and playing with 2 chars again again and again made me bored.

    Note : I already taste every single char and their respective job (til lvl 85 as a max cap aside Ain) except Elesis so i really hope something new from elesis considering Trans could make another job improved alot.

    Ah one more, i dont like a slow char (either be its movement,command or skill castime), that's why i stop playing chung
    I would like to point out another thing
    Some class that which dont need to be suggested (All chung -Cuz he is slow, not sure with DC-, RF and VC, AS, GrM, all add, all luciel, all rose, all ain).

    Another thing that come across my head is maybe i should focus on my 2 chars only if i cant found the replacement? what do you think?

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    Another one, why ask about this now because i have 5 unused sage scroll, 100% exp both from bingo and we got 2x EXP for a char with level 98 or less.

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    Dec 2013
    Personally, I have 2 characters that I always play and then the last one is a mixture of whatever I'm levelling and whatever I feel like playing. No matter what KOG throws, I don't have any intention of ditching my staple 2 characters (VC and BM) since I'm already very accustomed to their playstyle, and if I know that I'll ditch a character if they get nerfed (if they're currently strong), then I know I shouldn't have played them in the first place because then that means that I don't enjoy their playstyle.

    Main reason why I can't dedicate myself to three characters is because I currently don't have the time to. However, for the third character that I rotate around, I have a lot of alts on my account so I'm able to entertain myself with what I have instead of creating new characters all the time (currently have all Ravens, all Luciels, all Aras, all Ains though one is still base, CN, CrA, STr, WS and Freyja).