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    Bethma Guard
    Apr 2014
    City of Radiant Ruin
    Thanks for another one.

    1. Mimlemel
    2. Raffle Number 2
    3. Number 25
    4. Its always hard to say who are your favorites. I gotta say Araragi Koyomi from the monogatari series.
    Watching it, I always enjoyed how silly Araragi was and how serious he is when it was needed. He can also fight ish to some sort of extent.
    Great MC.

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    Altera Savior
    Aug 2011
    1. IGN: TianFei
    2. Raffle number: 1 (3x trans slots)
    3. Number: 17
    4. Favorite Anime Char: It's hard to choose a favorite but I'd say Nagisa Hazuki from Free! He is just too cute not to like > w<

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    Elder Citizen
    Sep 2016
    IGN: Jinana
    Raffle: KChing! Although I still haven't decided on the items.
    Number: 23
    Favorite Character:

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    Altera Savior
    Jan 2013
    IGN: Laylina
    Raffle Number: 2
    Number: 11
    Anime Character: Shouto Todoroki is my favorite as of now. He's a cutie and is a softie despite how he was treated as a child ♥︎

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    Hamel Guardian
    Jun 2013
    in bed probably
    IGN: Tities
    Raffle number 1
    well one of my favorite characters is robin from one piece because of her calm and wise demeanor =o=

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    Elder Citizen
    Jun 2015
    Thanks for a lovely giveaway

    1 - IGN: ShiroKatake
    2 - Raffle number 1
    3 - I'll go with my lucky number 12 xD
    4 - My favourite anime character is Naruto, because he was my childhood role model as a "super try hard" since I was 5yrs old. Got that try hard mind set from him as well ^^!

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    Elder Citizen
    Mar 2012
    IGN: UranoxMetria
    Raffle: 2
    Favorite Anime Character: Shiro from No game No Life because even though she's a neet she is really cute and really smart when it comes to game and strategizing. C:

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    Elder Citizen
    Sep 2012
    number 25 has already been chosen please select a new one~

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    Ruben Villager
    Oct 2015
    IGN: iLumirecia
    Raffle number: 1
    Number: 15
    Favorite anime: Ayato from Diabolik lovers because im into red heads

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    Ruben Villager
    Feb 2016
    IGN:- KazeShzuka
    Raffle 1
    Choose number 5!
    Name my fav char :- Tbh from my childwood till now is Yu-gi-oh!!! He was my fav char ever.. I even maked him my husband lol xD