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    Hamel Guardian
    Jun 2015
    Trying to burst through Fiore.
    May I join the ED raffle?

    IGN : IfritPsyker
    Raffle : 2
    No. : 17
    My favourite character :
    Cuz he's cute~

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    Elder Citizen
    Mar 2013
    2-Raffle number 1 (Blue Ocean-Eve and Model Pose Elesis)
    4-Kanna because who cannot resist a cute dragon... Just don't go to jail though...

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    Feita Knight
    May 2014
    1-IGN: Satsuki000
    2-Raffle number: 2
    3-Number: 9
    4- Kurisu from Steins;Gate. One of the smartest and talented characters I know from a series that has some slight science aspects.

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    Velder Noble
    Dec 2013
    no wan knows
    1-IGN: SeraphimHere
    2-1 (Ara's Blue Ocean+Eve's Black Ocean)
    3-28 when26istakenqq
    4-I like a lot of chars ; ;... Erm, I guess Elf November from Senyuu? I thought his ability to copy other people's appearances (though sometimes he failed) was p cool,,

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    Feita Knight
    Jun 2013
    1) IGN: Classica
    2) 2nd ED Raffles
    3) #6
    4) My favorite anime character is Deku from My Hero Academia because he tries his hardest and doesn't give up! He's a big dreamer and I support him!

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    Velder Noble
    May 2011
    Up your butt
    IGN: Contort
    Raffle Number: 2
    Number: 15
    Favorite Anime Character: Todoroki from Boku no hero academia because he's so precious. Awful father yet he still wants to be a hero, a good one at that. With his amazing ice and fire, he can conquer the world *^*

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    Ruben Villager
    Jan 2015
    Raffle number: 1
    Choose a number 1-30: 4!
    -Name your favorite anime character and why: todoroki from boku no hero. His personality and his quirk are amaze me.

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    Ruben Villager
    Nov 2012
    IGN: Ardemetris
    Raffle Number: 1
    Favorite Anime Character: Dandy from Space Dandy, he's hilarious, has smooth moves, adventurous, gets to travel space, all of the above. I want to travel space, and be adventurous, and have smooth moves. :^(

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    Elder Citizen
    Sep 2012
    Bumping the end date up to the 2nd~

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    Elder Citizen
    Jul 2011
    IGN: Asclei
    Raffle Number: 1
    Number: 9
    Favorite Anime Character: Megumin from KonoSuba because EXPLOSIONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN! Love her dedication to mastering explosion no matter what the negative aspects will be or how little she contributes due to knowing only 1 spell.