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    Ruben Villager
    Aug 2016

    I want to get better, but I can't

    For the longest time; whether just to try it out or for quests, I've had to do PVP. When I was level 10, I got paired up with level 40s who massacred me. Now that I'm level 43, I get paired up with level 99s who massacare me. I wish I could improve in PVP, but I'm not even let the chance. I can't even move once the enemy gets to me; it's just constant attacks.
    The wait time for the PVP queue takes longer than the actual battle, and I've never, not once in my entire time playing, ever got paired up with someone equal or lower level than I. I get that it isn't supposed to be completely fair; but I don't even have a chance.
    How can this be remedied?

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    Mar 2011
    piglet my guy
    Honestly, you should level up more. Asides from PvP matchups being wonky, lv43 isn't a very good level to PvP with due to how restricted you are. As you level up more, you'll have more tools and skills to work with along with transcendence shenanigans.

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    Ruben Villager
    May 2017
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    it is not good just focusing on pvp actually..
    train you char with dungeons and lwl up more, trans your self and get used your character
    after all of them try to continue for pvp
    it is not a good thing spaming pvp while that weak, at least w8 for being 60 lwl (when -other than trans skills and hyper active- become usable)
    But if you ask me, pvp just sucks. Arena is unfair ...
    Unless you gonna become one of top guys of the game, you can't avoid that unfairness but you ll become unfairly strong guy
    I just become S rank with beating -70 low lwl ppls
    KoG should fix that current arena system

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    Jun 2013
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    So no one so far is mentioning Neutral Game tactics.

    Levels and Gear evens out the risk and reward, but PvP in any game is still rooted to a fast paced Rock-Paper-Scissors battle. You have to develop and improve prediction playstyles to counter whatever plan you're opponent is thinking. Improvement doesn't take long, especially if you have something or someone to break down battle mechanics for you. But most players from beginner to intermediate are built on a habit of being aggressive and always attacking after moving within their striking range. Instead of just standing there and getting caught all the time, you should be learning where and when they're aiming for and move out of range in time to avoid the hit and punish them.

    Last I played, this carried quiet far (exceptions being against advanced skilled and above players that know the counter strategy to punishing whiffs) into SSS.