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    Jan 2015

    Ancient History title (Apple Epic NPC?)

    I read on Wiki you need to be at rank A to fight apple in order to get the Ancient History title. However I also heard you can get Apple at Rank E. Can any one help confirm here? Thanks in advance.

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    Head Chef
    Jul 2016
    When i first started playing she appeared when I was in B rank.. I think A rank is just Apples pvp rank

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    Hamel Guardian
    Apr 2012
    Yes, A rank is Apple's rank. You are (or at least were, before the matching could ignore rank) more likely to face Apple (or other A rank NPCs) if you are in A rank, but I'm pretty sure you can face any Epic NPC as long as you can face even one of them, as there have been a few of cases in Season 2 and 3 of people facing SSS Epic NPCs at C rank.