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    Ruben Villager
    Jun 2012

    Need tips for clearing Add's fusion dungeon

    My runs typically last around 8-10 min but mainly because I spend too much time with Type-H. I'm able to kill one of them within the first or second minute, but the second one takes me forever. Once its HP is low, it uses Storm Blade and then follows with other skills to prevent me from attacking unless I mana break. During that moment, those spores heal him back to almost full HP. I've only been able to defeat the second Type-H when all the spores are gone.

    I'm a VP currently using a +9 Enhanced Glitter Warlord Staff.

    Any tips for me to clear this annoying boss quicker? Q.Q

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    Bethma Guard
    Aug 2015
    well the type-h from adds dung can still be attacked while hes spinning so just spam something that keeps attacking while u get sliced?no idea about vp skills sorry

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    Ruben Villager
    Nov 2016
    Imo, you're clearing it relatively fast with your gear....

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    Altera Savior
    Jun 2011
    I've found that using Stone Apples and/or Nature Orbs tend to help. The lingering poison fog will generally kill most of the spores for you, as well as inflict hit stun on Type-H.

    Stone Apples I find the most use of, since whenever Type-H decides to SB, you can just use a Stone Apple to get back on the ground asap and continue to do your VP thing.

    I'll use a Wind Orb at the start to deal as much damage as possible to both of them, and usually killing the first one. Once the second one uses SB or starts getting annoying in general, I'll either be in Iron Body ready for it (in ur case, maybe Shadow Body) or I'll use a Stone Apple, then proceed to use a Nature Orb if it's off cd, or I'll spam Flame Rune (not sure what VP has, maybe Dark Cloud or Breathing or w/e). I also use Light 4 so that helps.

    That's the only advice I can give.

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    Ruben Villager
    Jul 2017
    I usually go in with the Rosso's Calamity Wheel elixir, it becomes really helpful once you get to alterasia since it'll take out the spores around you even when you're knocked down or being hit. If you can't craft or buy it, try the standard elixirs, Blazing Bomb is another that'll help take out surrounding enemies, but at a very slow rate. Other than elixirs, wind and water.. just orbs in general are your friend. Also bring in mana restoring items, so you can mana break right away without worrying about regaining said mana, so you can get back to attacking before the spores can reach the two. As another side note, the alterasias always do storm blade when their hp is reduced by I believe every 8 bars, so say the hp is getting close to 16 bars, you'll want to move further away and use long range attacks, and again when it gets close to 8 etc etc. It also helps to push them into a corner so the spores are only able to come from one side instead of both. I think that's all I really got, but I hope some of it could have helped^