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    [Horizons] (Hybrid)

    Formerly named as [BringHorizon], the guild was founded by Satalize and his small circle of friends. Since respect and enjoyment was the cornerstone of its upbringing, the family eventually garnered enough recognition to accomodate an extremely active playerbase and become one of the server's higher level guilds. We constantly devote to maintain this serene environment. Its sole objective: working together and having fun!

    Guild Level: 17/20
    Guild Type: Hybrid
    Creation Date: June 6, 2016
    Members: 194/200
    Guild Master: Satalize

    *Guild Skills are subject to change at its playerbase's discretion

    We want to create a pleasant place for people to stay, where everyone feels valued and respected, therefore we have set up some rules and guidelines that we would like our members to follow.

    1. Treat others with respect, inside and outside the guild. Politeness is an obligation. Feel free to disagree with another member, to deconstruct, or even tear apart their opinion within the limits of decency. However do not unnecessarily bash or defame. Everyone in this game is human and deserves to be treated like one.
    2. Guild storage is a privilege. The equipments and items placed inside it are destined to aid all members. Do not be greedy, withdraw with moderation and kindly deposit back commodities that will help your colleagues. Please avoid storing junk items though! Selfish members will be reprimanded and deranked appropriately.
    3. We favor active members, so the guild roster is in a constant turnover. Please don't be a ghost and partecipate in our activities, whether be it on the Discord server or simply greeting fellow members when they log on. We immediately notice and remove expendable alts, destined to be dusty item storages. Extended periods of inactivity should be communicated to the Guild Master or any Administrator. We expel on the seventh day of consecutive unannounced absence.
    4. Ranks are assigned based on meritocracy. Please do not constantly harass the guild staff. We carefully select and promote members based on their positive presence and sense of responsibility.
    5. Let's speak in English! The guild consists of members from all over the world. We don't discriminate based on your origins, but we do think it's corteous to write in a language most can understand. If anything we can help polish your english skills!

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    ~ Manager ~


    ~ Administrators ~



















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    We gladly accept everyone as long as they're active and nice!
    Kindly contact an Administrator and wait for a response!
    You can also directly post your candidacy in this thread!

    We have our own Discord server for members to use!

    Thank you for passing by! Have a good day!