Hi guys,

Today i just made lvl 99. I am still using Ancient Noble Set.
But i really dont know what kind of gear i should buy
Since i will only doing Secret dungeon, daily Henir, heroics , and want soon
Try void dungeon. I would like to be a tanky IP.
So 4th henir space set or heroic set? Some players said henir set
Because extra socket and some said go heroic because reduce damage ability on bottom piece.
So i cant really decide.

Second question: what kind of socket stats should i give on my weapon. All critical or maxi?
I really want to get atleast 85% crit.

Third question: what is red damage?? Is that important for a IP

Fourth question: what kind of element attribute should i choose for my weapon? Water or dark?

Last question is: what kind of title is the most suitable for IP. I heard players say solace title, but what kind ?