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    Elder Citizen
    Nov 2015

    ERP for BM ? How about your BM ?

    Already spent 40 ERP to mp cost reductio, not sure would it better to go to strength damage boost or keep put it on mp cost. Glad to hear Your Explanation

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    Ruben Villager
    Dec 2012
    I have ERP set up on 25 CDR and 40 on str skills

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    Lanox Oracle
    Dec 2013
    Depends on your build. If you're going to use MP cost reduction at all, I'd advise putting at least 50 points in, but otherwise, it depends on how well you can manage your MP and how many consumables you have to work with. Most of the time, it's a preference between a mix of Strength damage, MP cost reduction and HP/MP, but I'd personally prefer to put all 100 points into Strength damage. Only reason why I haven't is because my BM is my EXP mule.