So with with all the Elrionade hype, I decided to try to farm a bit new fragments in the Water Dragon Sanctum. Fortunately I didnt have ERP invested on my blacksmith character (since I dont play him much). So went all-in in 100 ERP on the item drop and went farming. The first three times I ran the dungeon I really got triple the drop rate (e.g. 2 11-3 tickets + enhancement stone in one run). But after that for about 10 consecutive runs I always got only 0-1 drop (something like an enhancement stone that bosses often like to drop, or often nothing at all). In other dungeons item drop bonus seemed to work. Might be just bad luck, but getting no drops at 300% item drop for 10 consecutive runs seems really suspicious. I will try this again tomorrow.

Is there anyone with 100 ERP running 11-2, who can share his drop luck in the dungeon after 3-4 runs?

Also getting SS in 11-2 does not count for the HA quest (apparently its not lvl 99 dungeon)