thread: IS nerf?

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    Ruben Villager
    Nov 2016
    Bethma (80%) Elysion(20%) Venezuela (100%)

    IS nerf?

    Mmmmmm? well all the elboy players knows the Phantom Sword Supposed Nerf but we have 2 ways to stay alive
    - Select KB (1) Trait (Effect Increase 130% 25->34 secs)
    - Use Phantom Sword In the Transcendent Slot To Decrease Cooldown

    Destruction Phantom Sword Only Gives 50% Of Extra Damage On Summon
    and If U forget about the specialization a or b u will charge the vitality and destruction aura fast so dont cry for the nerf

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    Feita Knight
    Oct 2011
    The only crying I heard from in game is about the infinite caser hintstun lol

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    Elder Citizen
    Jul 2012
    Canada, BC
    i'm more concerned about how much damage sword fall lost >.>